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Katniss and Peeta looking at the Memory Book

The memory book is a book constructed by Katniss and Peeta - with later contributions from Haymitch - at the end of Mockingjay. It was designed to commemorate everyone who had died that was close to the three victors.

In the aftermath of the Second Rebellion, Katniss continues to experience a great deal of emotional trauma, and has difficulty regaining any semblance of her former life. She tells her idea about the book to her doctor, Dr. Aurelius, who enthusiastically agrees, and sends a package of parchment paper to begin the project.[1]

Katniss says that she got the idea from her family's plant book, where she and her family would write down the names of plants that can be used for healing and eating, and which plants to avoid. The creation of the memory book becomes as much a therapeutic exercise as a crafting project: Each entry contains an image of a person (either a photograph or, if none was available, a drawing by Peeta) and a page of memories about that person that would be 'a crime to forget.' Memories specifically mentioned by Katniss include:[1]

  • Lady licking Prim's cheek
  • Mr. Everdeen's laugh
  • Mr. Mellark and his cookies
  • The color of Finnick's eyes
  • What Cinna could do with a length of silk
  • Boggs reprogramming the Holo
  • Rue poised on her toes, with her arms slightly extended like a bird
  • Smaller memories were added in the process, such as a primrose preserved between the pages, and so were bits of happiness, like a picture of Annie and Finnick's son.

Haymitch eventually helps, adding memories of twenty-three years worth of tributes that he mentored, as well as his fellow tribute Maysilee Donner. Katniss and Peeta seal the pages with saltwater (implied to be tears) and vow to live well.[1] The people in the book had died so that others could live, and their sacrifice would always be remembered.


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