"That's me. All talk, no action. Right, Lucy Gray? How'd you enjoy the Capitol, by the way?"
―Mayfair Lipp's last words, taunting Lucy Gray Baird[src]

Mayfair Lipp appears in The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes.

During her Lucy Gray Baird's reaping, Lucy taunted Mayfair by dropping a snake down her dress.

She was the daughter of Mayor Lipp, the mayor of the District 12 at the time of the 10th Hunger Games. Her father retaliated for her attack by smacking Lucy Gray hard on the face.[1]

According to Lucy Gray, Mayfair directed her father to call out Lucy Gray's name at the reaping. She had been seeing Billy Taupe, even though he was supposed to be Lucy Gray's boyfriend. Taupe bet that he could have them both, but they both found out that he was seeing the two of them. Lucy Gray split up with Taupe, but Mayfair continued to see him.[2]

Mayfair stumbled upon a secretive rebel meeting where Taupe and Spruce where plotting to travel up north to escape the Capitol's influence. Spruce tried to get her to come with them, but she made it clear that she was going to leave and reveal what was happening to her father. At this, Spruce lifted his shotgun to shoot her, but Billy Taupe blocked him. Coriolanus Snow then shot and killed Mayfair instead.[3]


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