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"That's me. All talk, no action. Right, Lucy Gray? How'd you enjoy the Capitol, by the way?"
―Mayfair Lipp's last words, taunting Lucy Gray Baird[src]

Mayfair Lipp was the daughter of Mayor Lipp, the mayor of District 12 at the time of the 10th Hunger Games.[1]


Before the Reaping of the 10th Hunger Games, Billy Taupe bet that he could have both Lucy Gray Baird and Mayfair. However, the girls found out about each other, and Mayfair convinced her father to call out Lucy Gray's name during the reaping.[2]

When her name was announced, the camera zoomed in on Lucy Gray. She began to navigate through the girls, and when she neared Mayfair, Lucy Gray dropped a snake down her collar. Mayfair fell to the ground, horrified and shrieking, while others whispered to each other. Mayor Lipp flew down the steps to his daughter and Mayfair tried to smarten herself up, but it was clear that she had wet herself. Mayfair was then led away by a Peacekeeper, and her father retaliated against Lucy Gray by smacking her hard on the face.[1]

After the lights went out following one of the Covey's performances in the Hob, Mayfair attempted to leave but was flanked by Peacekeepers. She was frustrated, but allowed herself to be escorted home by them, as otherwise her father would have to be called. Coriolanus Snow and Sejanus Plinth found themselves recruited for the job along with a few others, and as they neared her house, Mayfair slipped past them and entered herself.[3]

Mayfair later stumbled upon a secretive rebel meeting where Billy Taupe and Spruce were plotting to travel up north to escape the Capitol's influence. Billy Taupe ordered her to go home, but Spruce tried to get her to come with them, although she made it clear that she was going to leave and reveal what was happening to her father. At this, Spruce lifted his shotgun to shoot her, but Billy Taupe blocked him. Coriolanus Snow then shot and killed Mayfair instead, as he would also suffer the consequences if she had reported what she'd heard.[4]

Physical description

Mayfair Lipp had red hair and often, a self-righteous smirk. Her garments were filthy with coal dust, which coated everything in District 12.[1]

While in the shed, Coriolanus Snow recognized Mayfair's voice from its nastiness and mocking tone.[4]


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