Marcus was the male tribute from District 2 in the 10th Hunger Games. His mentor was Sejanus Plinth. During the bombing in the arena, he managed to escape but he faced major consequences after he was caught.


He was in the same District 2 class as Sejanus Plinth during the First Rebellion. Sejanus's move to the Capitol caused Marcus to despise Sejanus. When Marcus sees Sejanus at the Capitol Zoo, he is the only tribute besides Lucy Gray to gather around Sejanus for food. Later on, Marcus managed to escape the arena after it was bombed, and he was loose in the Capitol. He was later captured by the Capitol.


Marcus's fate is unknown until the Games begin to broadcast. He was strung up by steel poles in the air at the main entrance to the Arena and left to hang from his manacles, still alive and badly beaten. This left him prone for any tribute to kill him. Lamina, the female tribute from District 7, mercy killed Marcus by driving an ax to his neck three times. His death took place about thirty minutes after the Games started.


  • Marcus is the only tribute to successfully escape the arena from the bombing, and the only tribute to be left in the open when the Games start.
  • He is technically the first death in the Games.
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