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Lysistrata Vickers was a female resident of the Capitol and a student of the Academy. She was one of 24 top-performing seniors at the Academy selected to be a mentor for the 10th Hunger Games.

She was assigned the male tribute from District 12, Jessup Diggs.


Her parents were physicians for President Ravinstill throughout much of the First Rebellion.[1]

When the mentors were requested to gather to a seminar led by Professor Crispus Demigloss, she presumably kept mostly silent as the class discussed ideas to increase the viewership of the games. However, as Sejanus Plinth and Livia Cardew argued over the very idea of broadcasting children killing one another, Lysistrata rebuked Livia's argument that Sejanus didn't know who would watch the games by claiming that any decent person simply wouldn't want to watch people suffer.[2]

Lysistrata was one of the few mentors to develop a favourable relationship with their tributes, as in the van during the ride to the Arena, Lysistrata gave Jessup some cream for his neck, and presumably placed it in his pocket when no one was looking.[1] After the Capitol Arena was bombed, Lysistrata luckily managed to survive supposedly only with minor injuries, as after the bombing she talked to a reporter to make a quick statement that her tribute, Jessup, threw his own body over hers to protect her.[3]

A few days after the bombing, the remaining mentors were called into a class led by Dr. Volumnia Gaul, where she discussed warfare between the districts and the Capitol. Throughout the class, Lysistrata showed discontent and indifference toward the discussions, as stated that she would neither by a loser or victor in a war, implying that she was against the idea of warfare altogether. She also frowned when Dr. Gaul assigned all the mentors to write an essay on what they loved about war, supposedly taken aback by the idea of the assignment.[4]

For the interviews, Jessup lifted Lysistrata over his head to display his immense strength.[4] Lysistrata also whispered to Coriolanus to confess that she felt rather attached to Jessup after he saved her life while arranging the wrapper for baked noodles and cheese, presumably to give to Jessup.[5] She later attempted to tie Jessup and Lucy Gray Baird together to look as a pair to win more sympathy. However, when Lucy completed her interviews without even a mention of Jessup, Lysistrata was annoyed. She was convinced that Jessup and Lucy Gray were devoted to one another and with Jessup's strength and Lucy Gray's charm, she felt strongly that the victor that year would come from District 12.[6]

10th Hunger Games

As the Games were about to begin, Lysistrata yelled at Coriolanus for not playing by the team angle for the District 12 tributes, as Jessup kept calling Lucy his ally. However afterwards as they settled down, Lysistrata confessed that she was angry only due to her frustration for the Games, having lost sleep over it the night before. She also revealed that she believed that the celebration of the Games was revolting. Lysistrata expressed that she didn't like being used like this and would rather have the Games over quickly. She also tried to defend Coriolanus when Clemensia Dovecote accused him, later wondering what was wrong with her.[6]

Her tribute, Jessup, was bitten by a raccoon before the Games even began[7] and contracted rabies. He began exhibiting signs of it during the Games themselves. Upon seeing this, both Lysistrata and Coriolanus Snow remembered hydrophobia, or a fear of water, as being one of the symptoms of rabies. Coriolanus readied himself to send in large amounts of water to keep Jessup from killing his own tribute, Lucy Gray, in a crazed fit. Lysistrata, however, stopped him and spent the money to send in the water herself, as she realized that her own tribute no longer had any chance of winning and wanted to leave a chance that if her tribute didn't win, the other tribute from District 12 would. Bombarded by drones delivering water, Jessup fled in a panic and tripped over the seats of the Capitol Arena, falling and breaking his bones. Lucy Gray then told him to go to sleep and he passed away, her standing guard over him.

When Lepidus Malmsey interviewed her, Lysistrata told them that Jessup had contracted rabies in the Capitol, and that he was a good person. Afterwards, Lysistrata began collecting her things. Although Coriolanus urged her to stay for dinner with the other mentors, she told him that she just wanted to go home, saying that he was a good ally while tearfully wiping her eyes.[8]

When Coriolanus was sent to District 12 as a Peacekeeper, Lysistrata came by the Snow penthouse, concerned.[9] Coriolanus considered Lysistrata, along with Festus Creed, to be someone who liked Sejanus Plinth more than most of his other classmates. He therefore invited her and Festus to a party to celebrate what would have been Plinth's 19th birthday.[10]

Personality and traits

Coriolanus Snow thought of Lysistrata as a self-contained, efficient person who never drew attention to herself, a quality that he respected and admired in her.[3] She was also one of the few mentors alongside Sejanus and Clemensia who showed some form of dissent at the concept of the Hunger Games itself, showing that she was supposedly secretly against the idea.[2] She was very caring, as she called the hospital to check on Clemensia to no avail[6] and attempted to visit Coriolanus while he was discharged as a Peacekeeper in District 12.[9] Despite her delicacy, Coriolanus believed her to have some grit.[1]

Physical description

"Everything about her was neat. From her carefully braided hair to her evenly filed nails to the crisp, white cuffs of her uniform blouse setting off her smooth, brown skin."
―Description of Lysistrata’s neatness[src]

Lysistrata had carefully braided hair and evenly filed nails, contributing to her generally neat appearance. She also had smooth, brown skin.[2] Lysistrata was described to have a delicate appearance and couldn't tip the scale at a hundred pounds.[1]


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