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"You've been long underground Madam Coin. This isn't like the rest of Panem. Support for the Capitol runs deep here."
—Lyme on Coin's proposal to use Katniss to evoke support in District 2[src]

Commander Lyme was a victor of an unspecified edition of the Hunger Games and a Commander of the Second Rebellion in District 2 against the Capitol.[1]


Lyme was a past victor of an unspecified Hunger Games "over a generation ago", meaning she most likely won the Hunger Games around the same time Haymitch Abernathy did.[1] Due to the fact she came from District 2, she may have been a volunteer and a Career.[2] Katniss Everdeen mentioned that Lyme was memorable enough,[1] implying she may have been a popular victor.

Katniss also remembered seeing glimpses of her over the years in previous Hunger Games broadcasts, but that she kept a low profile. Because of this, Katniss wondered whether Lyme was a victim of sex trafficking or other mistreatment by the Capitol, since she had recently learned about the harm done to Finnick Odair and the deaths of Haymitch Abernathy's family.[1]

Second Rebellion[]

Lyme was presumably in District 2 for the majority of the Second Rebellion working with the rebels to capture the district. At an unknown point before Lyme and the rebels forces met to discuss their invasion of the Nut and were given reinforcements, she commanded and oversaw a failed attempt of attack that led to heavy losses and casualties on the North Eastern Gate.[1] There, the Capitol attacked from up above, causing Lyme's forces to retreat.

Lyme was present at the meeting among rebel commanders and militants including Commander Paylor, Alma Coin, Boggs, Beetee, Katniss and Gale. There, they discussed and diverged plans of the invasion of the Nut to capture Capitol forces and arsenals. Coin proposes that they can use Katniss to erode support, which was rejected by Lyme, citing that the support for the Capitol runs deeply within the District and thus the presence of Katniss is ineffective, although she was later proven wrong. The idea of a mass suicide by Coin was also rejected by Commander Paylor. When Gale proposed that the rebels can disable the Nut rather than take over, Lyme asked him to elaborate[1]. After Gale's proposal is approved, she shows discontent and anger toward Gale after he proposes that all workers should be killed in the attack[3]. Afterwards, she presumably went on to command her forces to attack the Nut alongside other rebel forces with other Districts.

After they carry out Beetee and Gale's combined plans, rebel forces succeeded to make the Nut collapse over itself through avalanches to block the exits and forced the workers out through the train station[3]. After the capture of the nut, and the decisive winning victory for the rebels weakening Capitol forces greatly, Lyme presumably stayed in District 2.


Lyme was not present at the post-war meeting of the surviving victors to vote on the holding of a 76th Hunger Games, it is assumed she had been killed sometime before then[4]. It is unknown exactly when and how Lyme died, but it would have happened after the success of the invasion of the Nut.

Physical description[]

Katniss said that Lyme was middle-aged, over 6 feet tall, and very muscular. Her face was described as unforgettable, as it made Katniss remember her from a past Hunger Games. Katniss also mentioned that she could easily have the upper hand in hitting Gale from all her training, suggesting she is very powerful.[1]


"They should at least be given a chance to surrender"
—Lyme proposes that the District 2 workers could rather be left alive after the collapse of the Nut

Lyme kept a low profile after the victory of her Hunger Games, as Katniss only remembered seeing glimpses of her during previous Hunger Games broadcasts most likely as a mentor[1]. She was also one of the only victors to become a commander, showing that despite coming from District 2, she was secretly always against the Capitol.

However, Lyme is very upfront and honest, stating that Katniss' presence to erode support was ineffective and stated that Coin was too long underground and therefore ignorant of District 2. Despite her incredible strength, she shows sympathy, believing that her fellow District 2 workers should have a chance to surrender after the collapse of the Nut. When Gale pushed toward simply killing all workers, Katniss noted that Lyme showed extreme anger on her face, so much so that Katniss believed that she was going to shoot or take a swing at Gale.[3] She felt defensive of District 2, stating that she believed the rebels didn't know what her forces were up against, and had showed apparent struggle when revealing that her forces took heavy casualties from a failed invasion. She also showed frustration when plans to storm the entrances was proposed, due to the many soldiers she lost from similar failed attempts.[1]



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