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Lamina was the female tribute reaped from District 7 during the 10th Hunger Games. She died on the third day of the games and finished in 10th place of the 24 tributes (though only 15 tributes made it to the start of Day 1 of these Games). She was one of the few tributes to not be in a known direct alliance with their fellow reaped district partner (in her case, Treech). She was preceded in death by Jessup Diggs, the male tribute from District 12, and succeeded by Tanner, the District 10 male. Her mentor was Pliny Harrington.


Lamina grew up in District 7, likely becoming familiar with how to effectively use an ax, and became her district's female tribute after the Reaping for the 10th Hunger Games.[1]

Along with the other tributes, Lamina was taken to the Capitol in the back of a cattle car train. From there, she was dumped into the monkey house at the Capitol Zoo.[2]

At the first mentor-tribute meeting, Lamina had been unable to stop crying. Later, her mentor, Pliny Harrington, failed to prepare her for the interviews, giving up his chance to promote her.[3]

10th Hunger Games

When the gong rang signaling the start of the Games, Lamina was perceived as one of the weaker tributes. She expectedly ran straight into the arena's tunnels and forwent weapons in favor of hiding to avoid the assumed bloodbath over supplies that traditionally occurred. Later that day, she surprised everyone by appearing from the tunnels when she viewed it had been cleared of danger. She made way to the pile of remaining weapons and picked out a small axe and knife. Being from the lumber district, she quickly showed her fluidity with these specific tools while heading towards the two 20 foot vertical poles that connected a horizontal wooden beam. Here is where the District 2 male tribute, Marcus, was left hanging near death after being strung up pre-games by the Capitol Peacekeepers. Lamina, showing impressive skill in climbing, scurried up one of the poles and gracefully walked the beam towards Marcus' mangled form, delivering a coup de grâce on the 3rd strike of her axe and claiming the first official arena kill of the Games.[3]

Lamina then staked claim of the beam as part of a thought-out strategy that she created without the help of her mentor, shown by Harrington being as shocked as everyone else at her prowess. Her strategy was most likely to take the offense and preemptively use her advantages and strengths learned from her district rather then being hunted or the hunter, and stay on the beam indefinitely. She could use her strength and balance on the beam.

Soon after, she got a sponsor gift of water from her mentor, but the drone crashed and the bottle was cracked on the ground. Another drone appeared, and Lamina grabbed the water before the drone crashed as well. She then buckled herself and took a nap. When the District 3 tributes, Circ and Teslee, appeared, she opened her eye to determine their threat level, and decided they were not strong enough, adjusting her position to be more comfortable.

The next day, she stayed where she was, but was sunburned due to no cover, and received a lot of food.

Reaper from District 11 noticed her discomfort and negotiated with her, promising her cover for food. She relented, and he cut off a piece of flag. On the count of three, he tossed up the flag, and she tossed down food. The flag didn't make it, however. They negotiated, and Reaper threw the flag up and she caught it, rewarding him with more food. He sat down to eat, and when the District 4 tributes, Mizzen and Coral, and Tanner from 10 appeared, she warned him.


The trio made their way to under Lamina's beam and got her attention by banging a sword on one of the poles. The District 4 tributes started to climb, and she was put on the defensive for the first time since the initial gong. Each climbed up on the two poles on opposite ends, with Tanner protecting the ground exit underneath with the weapons. This forced her to deal with them simultaneously while balancing on a narrow beam, exposing the one big fault in her strategy.

She targeted Coral first, swinging her axe at Coral's head and shearing off some hair before moving across to face Mizzen, who had mounted the beam. She used the flat side of the axe head to hit and injure his knee, knocking both off balance and causing him to fall off the beam. Unfortunately for Lamina, Mizzen caught himself instead of falling off and was left precariously dangling by one arm, causing her to take an extra moment to assess the chances of him pulling himself back up or whether she needed to finish him off. Meanwhile, Coral had reached the beam and charged at her with a war cry, catching the trident Tanner threw. The two sparred for a brief period of time before Coral moved her trident in a way that distracted the eye and plunged it into Lamina's abdomen. Lamina tottered before falling off the beam and dying on impact. She placed 10th out of 24 tributes.

Physical description

Lamina had a blonde halo of hair accompanied by puffy, exhausted eyes, with insect bites dotting her bare feet and legs. She was skinny, long-limbed and possessed a spindly frame.[3] After spending long hours in the sun, Lamina became badly sunburned.[4]

Her Reaping attire, which she wore to the Arena, looked to be fashioned from a flour sack and belted with a piece of rope.[3]


"Lamina" refers to the main blade of a leaf.


  • Lamina was the recipient of the first ever sponsor gift delivered during the history of the Hunger Games.
  • She dies in a similar fashion to that in which Mizzen met his end, falling to her death after struggling with a threat directly in front of her.
  • Marcus, Mizzen, Lamina, Jessup, and Lucy Gray are the only tributes in the 10th Hunger Games to have their ages confirmed, being 18, 13, 15, 18, and 16 respectively.


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