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Justice Building in District 12

The Justice Building is a place in each district where official business is conducted, and it is presumably the seat of the regional government acting as a town hall.

Children went to the Justice Building to sign up for tesserae,[1] and the Reaping ceremony for the Hunger Games took place before the Justice Building.[2] It was also where the chosen tributes were taken afterwards, so they could bid farewell to their loved ones before being taken to the Capitol.[3] In the Victory Tour, the victor or victors spoke to the district from the Justice Building.

People in the districts also went to the Justice Building to get married. They signed forms and were then assigned a house together.[4] A bell was always rung in the Justice Building on New Year's Day.[5]


District 12's Justice Building at the reaping of the 74th Hunger Games.

Katniss Everdeen and Gale Hawthorne received medals of valor when their fathers were killed in a mine explosion.[6][7] On her 12th birthday, Katniss went to the Justice Building and signed up for tesserae, bringing home a batch of oil for the first time and coming back on the same day every month for more.[1] She and Peeta Mellark were marched inside the building by Peacekeepers after being reaped, and were visited by their loved ones.[3]

Justice Building in District 11

In District 11, Peeta and Katniss gave their Victory Tour speeches on the verandah of the district's Justice Building, and went inside afterward.[8] Haymitch Abernathy took Peeta and Katniss to the dome immediately after an old man was shot for whistling Katniss and Rue's 4-note mockingjay tune, which meant safety in the arena. Later that night, they attended an elaborate dinner in the building.[9]

District 13's Justice Building appeared to be just "smoldering remains".[10] It was shown frequently on television across Panem, but it was actually old footage being shown over again. Bonnie and Twill noticed the same mockingjay in the footage every time, which is what made them believe that District 13 was still operational.[11] In the end, they were right.[12]

After the reaping for the 75th Hunger Games, the new Head Peacekeeper Romulus Thread ushered Katniss and Peeta out the back door of the Justice Building without giving them a chance to say goodbye.[13]

District 12's Justice Building was destroyed in the bombing of District 12.[14] Cressida tried to film Katniss in front of the ruins, but it went badly.[15] When bombing the Nut in District 2, Katniss watched from the top of the Justice Building along with others. She went to the steps of the building upon beginning her speech.[16]


District 11

The Justice Building in District 11 is a large marble structure that must have looked beautiful when it was first constructed, but became run-down over time. There is a tiled expanse between the front doors and the stairs that's shaded by a roof and supported by columns, which Effie Trinket called the verandah. Inside the building is a curved marble staircase, with a hallway at the top. Double doors lead into a room with a twenty-foot-tall ceiling and many decorations. The building is a maze of staircases and halls, with a ladder leading to the dome, which is huge and dusty.[9]

District 12

District 12's Justice Building has a dark and creaky elevator that moves slowly and smells of sour milk.[6] A temporary stage was set up for the annual reapings.[2] The room where tributes were taken after being reaped was richer than the rest of the district, with thick carpets and a velvet couch and chairs.[3]

After Thread became Head Peacekeeper, a large banner with the seal of Panem was hung off the roof of the Justice Building.[17] The Justice Building later became "a heap of blackened rubble" after being bombed.[14]

District 13

District 13's Justice Building was reduced to ruins in the First Rebellion.[10]


  • In the film, it is called the Hall of Justice rather than the Justice Building.
  • Each district has a Justice Building, even District 13's remains after the district bombing.


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