Jessup Diggs was the male tribute from District 12 in the 10th Hunger Games. His mentor was Lysistrata Vickers. He became the ally of Lucy Gray Baird for the Games.


Jessup was close with Lucy Gray and they became allies. Jessup has been described as hulky, so he seems pretty fit compared to other people from District 12.


It is believed that Jessup got rabies from being bitten by a racoon. During the second day of the Games, the Lucy Gray and Jessup emerged from hiding with Lucy Gray fleeing from a rabid Jessup. To distract him from Lucy Gray, Lysistrata sent him many bottles of water to trigger his hydrophobia caused by the rabies. He fell as he tried to run from the water bottles, and the sound of breaking bones could be heard as they were close to a speaker in the arena. Lucy Gray comforted him in his final moments, saying that he could sleep now. After Jessup died, Lucy Gray cleaned his face, and covered it from the audience with cloth.


Jessup is a variant on the name Joseph, which means "God will increase." His surname Diggs refers to his district's industry of mining.


  • Jessup's age is never mentioned.
  • Jessup is implied to be a strong tribute, as only he, Coral, Tanner, and Reaper retrieved weapons from the weapons pile at the start of the Games.
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