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"Nothing like that whiz Io Jasper, who seemed to have been born with a microscope attached to her eye. He was always gracious to Io, though, and as a result, she adored him. With unpopular people, such a minor effort went a long way."
Coriolanus Snow's behavior towards Io[src]

Io Jasper was a female resident of the Capitol and a student of the Academy. She was one of 24 top-performing seniors at the Academy selected to be a mentor for the 10th Hunger Games. She was assigned the male tribute from District 3, Circ.


She was a natural when it came to biology and partnered with Coriolanus Snow at the high biology class at the Academy. Coriolanus felt that the she must have been born with a microscope attached to her eye. He hated working with a partner, but nevertheless behaved graciously around her, resulting in her adoration.[1]

During the interviews before the 10th Hunger Games began, her tribute, Circ, stated that he could start a fire with his glasses. With her scientific knowledge, Io suggested various angle and times of day that would facilitate the task.[2]

Her parents were scientists of some sort.[3] When Lucretius Flickerman interviewed Io, she discussed her thoughts on what Circ might do with the drone he had taken and altered, suggesting that he could use its lights to give him an advantage at night. However, she was interrupted when attention turned back to Reaper Ash, who had emerged from the barricade inside the arena.[4]

Her tribute, Circ, died after being bitten by snake muttations sent into the Capitol Arena by Dr. Volumnia Gaul. Snow regretted the loss of her presence, as she tended to be clinical rather than combative.[5]


Io was one of the many mortal lovers of Zeus, the chief god of the Greek pantheon.


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