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Hilarius Heavensbee was a male resident of the Capitol and a student of the Academy. He was one of 24 top-performing seniors at the Academy selected to be a mentor for the 10th Hunger Games. He was assigned the female tribute from District 8, Wovey.


Despite his family's extreme wealth, he always seemed to feel oppressed, bemoaning his assignment to a girl from a poorer district. He believed Wovey had no personality and was concerned about her lack of support in the Capitol. He hoped that she would make it to the final twelve so his parents were not disappointed in him.

Before the Games began, Hilarius engaged in discussion with Festus Creed about female tributes, with Hilarius believing female tributes are weaker than the male tributes, thus have a large disadvantage.[1]

When the Games began, Hilarius grew concerned that nobody had seen Wovey for a significant period of time, and that he would be unable to send her food or water as a result. He was the only mentor that seemed to be in the mood to talk about the Games directly, and wouldn't shut up about it.[2] He eventually spotted her and sent her food and water, speaking lengthily about Wovey's merits to Lepidus Malmsey and presenting her absence as stealth. However, she collapsed and died shortly after drinking from a bottle of water on the ground, having consumed poison left out by Lucy Gray Baird. While Hilarius was disappointed, he acknowledged that things could have gone worse, as his tribute made it to eighth place.[3]



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