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"I like Hazelle. Respect her. The explosion that killed my father took out her husband as well, leaving her with three boys and a baby due any day. Less than a week after she gave birth she was out hunting the streets for work."
Katniss about Hazelle[src]

Hazelle Hawthorne is the widowed mother of Gale, Vick, Rory, and Posy.


Hazelle worked and lived in District 12. Her husband died in a coal mining accident during the winter when her son Gale was thirteen. This was the same accident that killed Mr. Everdeen, Katniss' father.


Hazelle worked as a washer woman. She would collect people's dirty laundry, wash it, and then return it to the owner. It is said that she always had blisters and cuts from washing all of the clothes. This business did rather well, until right before the 75th Hunger Games. Gale had been caught poaching, and was beaten brutally. People stopped using her services for a while after that, and her family was starving.

Afterwards, Katniss and Peeta Mellark hired her to take care of Haymitch. This results in extra money for her, and a much better standard of living for Haymitch.


Hazelle was devoted to her family. Her husband died in a horrible mine accident, the same one that killed Katniss' father, leaving her alone at home with her three children. She was already pregnant with Posy and was only a few days away from giving birth. Gale, the oldest, helped take care of the family, bringing in food and money by hunting with Katniss. Her sons, Gale and Rory, also helped by applying for tessera when they turned twelve, although it is mentioned that Hazelle and Gale did not want Rory to take tessera. Vick and Posy, her youngest children, were her reason for working so hard. When her only daughter Posy fell ill with measles, Hazelle worked extremely hard to nurse her back to health, and thankfully, Posy recovered. When Gale was whipped and taken to the Everdeen house, Hazelle went to stay with him. It is known that Hazelle and the rest of her children escaped the District 12 bombing. They are seen in District 13. In fact, her youngest child, Posy, is the one to comfort Octavia after she is released from President Coin's capture with Katniss' other stylists, saying that she looks very pretty.


  • Hazelle might have been named after the hazel bush, which produces fruit, to show her survival nature.
  • Hazelle appears in a deleted scene just after Katniss gets the mockingjay pin in the Hob where she is fighting with a Peacekeeper for an unknown reason.