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Gem of Panem was the anthem of the Capitol during the early days of the Hunger Games, and possibly during the Dark Days.

The song is performed by Coriolanus Snow's Grandmother in a quavery, off-key voice. During the First Rebellion, she would warble the anthem through a window, an act of defiance as the Capitol was under siege, bombs raining down around her and her family.[1]

The song was also performed during important events such as funerals. Due to his knowledge of the song from his grandmother, Coriolanus was able to give a strong performance of it, impressing his instructors. This was as opposed to many of his fellow classmates at the Academy. Sejanus Plinth cited the lyrics of the song when trying to make an argument against the Hunger Games, saying that Panem's government was supposed to protect everyone and give them light, not just citizens of the Capitol.


Gem of Panem
Mighty city
Through the ages you shine anew

We humbly kneel
To your ideal
And pledge our love to you

Gem of Panem
Heart of Justice
Wisdom crowns your marble brow

You give us light
You reunite
To you we make our vow

Gem of Panem
Seat of power
Strength in peacetime, shield in strife

Protect our land
With armored hand
Our Capitol
Our life


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