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"Excellent! You almost look like a human being now!"
―Flavius to Katniss[src]

Flavius is one of the three members of Cinna's prep team for Katniss Everdeen.


The other members of his team are Venia and Octavia. The prep team is from the Capitol, so Katniss finds their customs very strange and unusual. Flavius does Katniss' hair. In Mockingjay, Flavius, along with the other members of the prep team, are taken hostage by the rebels of District 13, where they are held until they are needed by Katniss. When they were held as hostages, Octavia had stolen some bread, they were punished and were beaten and held in a small cell. President Alma Coin thought this would make Katniss happy, but only devastated her. As a result of this, they are the only Quarter Quell prep team to survive the uprising, as the rest were killed.

The Hunger Games

Flavius and Venia work on Katniss in the Remake Center

Flavius was one of the members of Katniss' prep team. He was disgusted by Katniss' appearance and often commented on it. During the time he and the prep team readied Katniss so Cinna could examine her, he was glad she did not whine about the pain of them ripping off her leg hair and he gave her some tips to maintain the look. After they finished, he said she actually looked pretty good. Before the interviews, he and the rest of the prep team went to the training building to prepare Katniss again so Cinna could begin designing her dress for the interviews with Caesar Flickerman. The prep team was excited when Katniss made it back alive and welcomed her with love. They again prepare her prior to her final interview.

Catching Fire

Flavius with Effie Trinket and Octavia in the Victors' Village

Octavia and Flavius watching Cashmere's interview.

Flavius was excited for Katniss since for her first year of being a mentor, she would have to mentor the tributes for the third Quarter Quell. Flavius went along with the others on the 74th Victory Tour to assist Cinna in dressing Katniss. Flavius, along with Venia and Octavia, arrive early to Katniss' new home in the Victors' Village to get her ready for her wedding dress shoot. During that time, Katniss discovered that more districts had been rebelling, based on their comments. Flavius and the other members were conversing about not having seafood for weeks, electronic gadgets or fabric they needed and Katniss was able to figure out that it was because of rebellion in districts 4, 3, and 8, respectively. Flavius cried uncontrollably when President Snow announced that the third Quarter Quell would reap past victors, meaning Katniss would have to participate, since she is the only living female victor for District 12. He told Octavia to leave, but shortly after was told to leave the room by Venia because he couldn't contain himself, knowing Katniss would most likely not come back alive. Flavius said his final, tearful goodbyes to her before she entered the arena.


Flavius, along with the other members of the prep team, were taken hostage by District 13. President Coin thought she would be doing Katniss a favor if she captured and tortured them for her. The three were fed, but were not used to eating less food than they had been accustomed to, so they stole bread and were caught. The prep team was taken to Compartment 3908 where they were kept in chains and beaten as punishment. They were discovered when Plutarch Heavensbee led Katniss and Gale Hawthorne there as a surprise, having no idea that they were being punished. Initially the group was told by a guard that it was the wrong floor, but Katniss was able to open the door after the guard was distracted and discovered her prep team. She demanded that they be taken to her mother for treatment. Flavius recovered, thanks to Mrs. Everdeen, but was still terribly fearful. Flavius and the others prepared and dressed Katniss for the role of "The Mockingjay". Flavius trembled constantly, still scared of what had happened to them, but trusted Katniss. The prep team assembled again after President Snow was tried, found guilty and sentenced to be executed. They dressed her up in her mockingjay uniform and watched her during the trial. After Presidents Coin and Snow died, Flavius, Venia, and Octavia most likely went back to the Capitol.


Flavius is the only male in Katniss Everdeen's prep team. However, he seems to be soft, like most Capitol residents. When Flavius was getting Katniss ready for the Quarter Quell, he was told by Venia to leave, as he could not contain his grief for the tribute who the prep team had come to love.

Physical description

Flavius dressed lavishly, like most Capitol citizens, especially those in the fashion industry. His hair formed orange corkscrew curls, which seems to have been at least mostly natural, since his hair was almost unchanged after his capture by District 13. If it had been a wig, it would have been confiscated. If it had been dyed, its roots would have grown out like Venia's. He always wore his trademark purple lipstick, without which he seemed "washed out."


Flavius and Octavia, despite being present in the novel Mockingjay as refugees, did not appear in either film adaptation of the novel, with Effie Trinket taking their role. Filmmakers apparently cut many scenes that included secondary characters as they were not central to the cinematic plot. Whether or not they included Flavius and Octavia has yet to be confirmed.