The Wedding

Finnick and Annie's wedding was held in District 13 in Mockingjay uniting Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta. It was treasured deeply by the population of District 13 because they usually didn't have holidays or parties.


The wedding had more purpose than just uniting Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta. Plutarch Heavensbee wanted to make another propo but instead of it being filled with fights and campaign, its purpose was to entertain and enlighten. Knowing that "everybody loves a wedding" he decided that Finnick and Annie's wedding was perfect for a new propo. This also sent a message to the capitol that District 13's population were safe and happy. 


"Plutarch has to fight for every guest, every musical note."

At first, when the wedding was decided, there was a lot of negotiation about the wedding. Plutarch Heavensbee and President Alma Coin didn't have the same idea of what a wedding was, so there were many discussions about how big the budget should be and how many guests should be invited. Coin thought that a wedding was two people signing a piece of paper and being assigned a new compartment, whereas Plutarch thought a wedding should be hundreds of people dressed in finery whilst at a three-day celebration. It took a lot of negotiations, but after a while, they reached an agreement.


The ceremony was held in the dining hall of District 13. The decorations were from autumn foliage and the music was provided by a choir of children and a lone fiddler who survived the bombing of District 12. Annie was wearing the dress she picked with Katniss, and Finnick was wearing one of Peeta Mellark's suits that had been altered so that it didn't look exactly like Peeta's, and that it was able to fit him. The ceremony was conducted by Dalton because the District 4 ceremonies are similar to the ones in District 10, which was where Dalton was from.

Annie and Finnick were from District 4 and there were some traditions from District 4 that were taken into the wedding. For example, they had the children who lived in District 13 to sing an ancient traditional wedding song from District 4 which likens marriage to a sea voyage, a net woven from long grass covered the couple during their vows and Annie and Finnick had to touch each other's lips with saltwater. At the end, Finnick and Annie kissed which sealed the union.

Annie's dress

Katniss volunteered to take Annie to District 12 to get her to try on the many dresses that Cinna designed for Katniss' Victory Tour. It was during this trip into District 12 where Katniss got to know Annie. Annie picked a green silk dress which Katniss had worn on her Victory Tour in District 5 in honoring Foxface and her district partner that participated and died in The 74th Hunger Games.

The party

After the ceremony, a toast was made with apple cider. The fiddler then played songs from District 12 while Greasy Sae and Gale Hawthorne began to dance, along with many others who joined them. At first, Katniss cheered from the side-lines, clapping the rhythm of the fiddling, but after Johanna Mason said, "Are you going to miss the chance to let Snow see you dancing?" she took Primrose Everdeen out on the dance floor and danced with her. Katniss and Prim were pretty good partners because of lots of winter evenings spent practicing.

The cake

After the dancing, a huge cake was wheeled out from a side room. It was beautiful, blue-green like the sea with white-tipped waves made from icing. There was fish, sea flowers, sailboats and seals which all resembling District 4. Katniss instantly knew that the cake was made by Peeta, and it was later revealed that frosting the cake worked like therapy for Peeta, who was going through treatment after being hijacked.


The wedding had a lot of effects on different people after it was held:

  • Finnick Odair - Finnick was probably the most affected by the wedding. He was suddenly transformed from a broken man into someone who radiated with life. The wedding caused Finnick's charm of self-effacing humor and easy-going personality to be displayed for the first time. 
  • Annie Cresta - Annie got lost in a "daze of happiness" after the wedding. Her mental problems got smaller although she would sometimes still "slip away" but when she did, Finnick could easily call her back just by talking to her.
  • Peeta Mellark - After Peeta got to decorate the cake, he felt slightly better. He remembered about the bread that he tossed Katniss, back in District 12. He even has a conversation with Katniss and another conversation with Haymitch Abernathy.

The wedding was also appreciated by the citizens of District 13, because they don't usually have many holidays or parties.


  • Katniss mentions that "being happy for Finnick and Annie" is one of the few things she doesn't have to pretend.
  • At first, Katniss thought that by wedding, Plutarch meant that Katniss had to marry Peeta, which disgusted her.
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