"Simple. We go straight to the punitive. Instead of suggesting people watch, we make it the law."
―Festus, on how to get people to watch the Hunger Games[src]

Festus Creed was a male resident of the Capitol and a student of the Academy. He was one of 24 top-performing seniors at the Academy selected to be a mentor for the 10th Hunger Games. He was assigned the female tribute from District 4, Coral.[1]


He was apart of Coriolanus Snow's inner circle since birth. His family came from old Capitol money, largely from District 7 timber. It took a hit during the First Rebellion, but rebounded nicely in the reconstruction effort.

During a session with Professor Crispus Demigloss, Demigloss asked the mentors to brainstorm ways to encourage people to watch the Hunger Games, which were considered grim viewing at the time. Creed's suggestion was to execute anyone in the districts who did not watch and to banish anyone in the Capitol that did not watch to the districts, executing them the next year if they messed up again. The class than began debating the idea, considering it unenforceable because you couldn't send Peacekeepers to everyone's door.[2]

Festus was present at the zoo presumably to meet with his tribute Coral. However, as Arachne was dying, Festus stood next to Snow and they exchanged helpless, worried looks. After Arachne was dead and transported away by medics, Clemensia managed to join the pair. As the three of them walked home, Festus proposed that they come back to his apartment. However as they reached his apartment complex her bursts into tears, thus leaving Snow and Clemensia to bid him goodnight.

Festus only received minor injuries from the arena bombing, sporting a sling on his arm and stitches on his cheek. He visited Snow when he was in the hospital, and choked up when he mentioned Diana and Apollo Ring.

After the class with Dr. Gaul, Festus and Hilarius discussed strategies to use for female tributes. Festus rebuked Hilarius' claim that girls don't fight the same way as boys by arguing that Coral could compete well against the male tributes.

10th Hunger Games

Festus arrived to Heavensbee Hall just as Clemensia argued with Lysistrata and Snow. As Festus rebutted Clemensia's anger, she told him to shut up. After she leaves and he takes a seat beside Snow and Lysistrata he questioned her behaviour, believing it odd.

On the Morning of the second day of the games, Festus showed discontent at not being fed. However, Snow gifts him a bag of bread rolls, proud that he gave something for a change, as he owed the Creeds alot in return. Festus immediately began eating. Snow also gave Festus lima beans further into the gams for breakfast, as Snow lost his appetite. He swapped Festus' empty bowl with his own to avoid reprimands.

His tribute, Coral, was killed by a snake muttation released into the Capitol Arena by Dr. Volumina Gaul. As he was dismissed from the proceedings, Snow gave him a bear hug, emotional at his reliable friend being out of the running.[3]

Coriolanus Snow considered Creed, along with Lysistrata Vickers, to be someone who liked Sejanus Plinth better most of his other classmates at the Academy and someone who could be counted on to say nice things about him. He thus invited him, along with Vickers, to a party to celebrate what would have been Plinth's 19th birthday.[4]

Personality and Traits

Festus Creed was rather irrational, as he had once dared Snow to have a one night stand with a girl in an alleyway.[5] He is also entertained by dog fights, showing that he is not as sympathetic as his other peers such as Sejanus and Lysistrata. However, he is sympathetic to a degree, as he demanded for Clemensia to feed her tribute, Reaper during the games. Festus also had a big appetite, as he quickly ate Snow's bread rolls and lima beans.


He was bigger and burlier than most boys his age.


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