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The feast of the 74th Annual Hunger Games.

The Hunger Games typically include feasts each year. Feasts are used to bring the remaining tributes together if the Gamemakers think the game is getting boring or slow. Often when food is scarce in the arena, or some of the tributes need vital equipment, the Gamemakers will invite the players to a banquet at a well-known place, such as the Cornucopia, to induce another bloodbath. Sometimes, there will be a big table of food, while other times, nothing is provided, but a stale loaf of bread that the tributes have to battle it out for. In the 74th Hunger Games, a very special feast was held; instead of food, the feast contained backpacks for each individual district that contained items the corresponding tribute needed desperately.

10th Hunger Games

The idea of feasts were not thought of before, during, or shortly after the Games. This did not matter as the arena was a simple stadium in the Capitol.

74th Hunger Games


  • Katniss EverdeenPeeta Mellark, being desperately wounded at this stage, needed medicine to reverse his blood poisoning and to allow for travel. Katniss went to collect it.
  • Thresh — Thresh's reason behind attending the feast is unknown as he was pretty well off, hiding in a field of corn. In the movie, it is known that he had a weapon but in the book Thresh was armed with a rock which suggests a lack of a weapon. The contains of Thresh's bag was unknown, though it is guessed that it contained food and water or in the case of the books, a weapon. 

Katniss runs to the District 12 pack, containing Peeta's medicine he desperately needs.

  • Foxface — Based on information released later in the book, Foxface needed things for stealth. It is notable that only two days later she returned to stealing when she tracked Peeta and stole his nightlock berries only to die from their lethal poison. Her bag had a pair of night-vision glasses, light sneakers for sneaking around, a sleeping bag. [citation needed]
  • Clove and Cato— Katniss speculates that the backpack contained the body armor seen later in the book. Clove throws a dagger 10-20 feet away. The dagger slices Katniss' forehead and both girls fight. Clove pins Katniss with a little knife held at her throat. Clove begins taunting Katniss about killing Rue. She takes out another knife from her jacket and says "And now...we're gonna kill you." As Clove raises the knife in the air, Thresh grabs Clove and pins her into the Cornucopia. Thresh believes that Clove did kill Rue. Clove truthfully denies and screams for Cato. Furious, Thresh slams a rock into her skull twice. The third and final time, he slams her into the Cornucopia, cracking her skull. Clove's body drops onto the ground with her eyes wide open and her mouth slightly agape. Katniss watches in horror as Thresh runs off. Katniss grabs her container and also runs off. The cannon signals Clove's death.

75th Hunger Games

There was no feast due to the sudden events near the end of the Games.


  • In the book, it states that the packs at the feast are different in size and color; Districts 2 and 11 's packs were large and dark blue, District 5 's pack was medium-sized and green, and District 12 's pack was small and orange. In the film, all the packs are the same size and differ by the districts' jacket colors and the number on them; District 2 was rust red, District 5 was plum red, District 11 was chocolate brown, and District 12 was coal black.
  • The book states that "Feasts always result in fatalities", showing that maybe one death, Clove, is rare and there are usually more. It is a way to kill off tributes after a "slow" game.
  • There is usually a bag for each tribute, even if they are in an alliance, however for District 12 there was only one bag, containing Peeta's medicine for his wounded leg.