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An escort is a citizen of the Capitol whose main duty is to accompany the tributes of their assigned district and help them adjust with the guidelines of the Capitol. They have dozens of tasks assigned to them around the time of the annual Hunger Games.

Reapings and Victory Tour

Effie & Katniss at reaping.jpg

Escorts have the honor of calling names for The Hunger Games by choosing names from the female and male reaping bowls. They are always excited for the Hunger Games on Reaping Day and are always happy, wishing the children of the districts 'Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor!' Due to their Capitol upbringing, they don't understand how the people of the districts do not celebrate the Hunger Games and don't realize how the districts truly fear the Hunger Games.

If the escort's tribute is a victor, the escort's job includes "escorting" the victor on the Victory Tour. After this, the escort may be promoted to a higher ranking district for the next year's games or they might choose to stay with the district that they were with previously. Effie Trinket wants to be bumped up to a better District where they have real Victors.

Known Escorts

District 12

The only known escort is Effie

Effie Trinket

e Trinket: the District 12 escort. Effie Trinket is a kind and peppy escort who cared for tributes Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark while they stayed in the Capitol before the Hunger Games started and on the 74th Victory Tour.

She would always make announcements and schedule to prepare and get ready for the day ahead of them. Although Effie cared about her tributes, she never had high hopes for any tributes from District 12 surviving due to their poor living conditions. Effie has very good manners and encourages others to work on them, too (Like Katniss Everdeen). However, she is somewhat blind to the conditions of those in the districts, shown when she complains about the table manners of a pair of starving children.