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Eddy's older sister appears in Mockingjay, she and her brother, Eddy were rebels from District 8. It is unknown if Eddy and his sister have any other living family.


They got injured in the battle and ended up in the hospital. When Katniss Everdeen was filming Propos, she came into the hospital. Her name is unknown but she was the first person to notice Katniss in the hospital. She was amazed to see Katniss, she was also only a few beds down from Eddy, so when she first saw Katniss, she excitedly yelled at him saying that Katniss was here.


Right after Katniss leaves the hospital, the Capitol infiltrates into District 8 and an air strike is ordered on the hospital and hovercrafts bomb it. This kills the people inside the hospital. She and Eddy were confirmed deceased, as it was stated that there were no survivors from the bombings of the hospital.