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The District 9 male was the male tribute from District 9 who participated in the 74th Hunger Games.

74th Hunger Games

The District 9 tributes in their parade costumes.

District 7, 8 and 9 during the tribute parade.

District 3 and 9 males light a fire.

Tribute Parade

In the film, he is seen on the chariots with his district partner in the Tribute Parade wearing silver suits and headpieces, possibly representing silos (where they store grain). He and his district partner are hardly seen in the chariot scene; as the camera focuses on the District 8 partners, they are both seen waving.


In the training he was first seen using a sword. After this, he was also seen making a fire and backing away with the District 3 male. In the behind the scenes DVD, the District 9 male can be seen in the line to the left as Peeta runs on the gauntlets.

Cornucopia bloodbath

The District 9 male`s picture at the board

The District 9 male was killed in the initial Cornucopia bloodbath. He grapples over a backpack with Katniss, until Clove throws a knife into his back. He coughs blood on Katniss`s face and then falls to the ground, dead. In the film, he picks up an axe and tries to kill Katniss, but Clove throws a knife into his back, but, unlike in the book, he doesn't cough blood. He places 24th out of 24 in the book and 20th out of 24 in the film.


After his death, the District 9 male, like all the other dead tributes, had his DNA mixed with a wolf to form a muttation which had similar characteristics to the fallen tribute. His mutt had ashen fur and hazel eyes. It's unknown whether his mutt survived or was killed in battle. His mutt was also identified by Katniss.


The District 9 male's Tribute Identification Card.

  • In the film, his odds of winning were 22-1.
  • In the film he weighs 90 pounds.
  • It was confirmed the District 8 female, the District 9 male, female and the District 10 female, were considered extra characters and they only shot the parade, but he appeared in the training.
  • In the arena, he wears a bottle green jacket.
  • The District 9 male was one of the five mutts that Katniss recognized in the book, and the only mutt to be recognized that is not named.
  • In the film he was the 5th dead, but when his the District 8 female was killed, on the scoreboard behind Caesar it can be seen that he was the 1st dead.
  • In the book he is confirmed the first tribute dead, as after she states she sees a knife in his back Katniss then says 'The other tributes had already reached the Cornucopia.
  • Imanol Yepez-Frias, the District 9 boy's actor, was not a stunt actor. This meant that he was not present for the filming of the bloodbath, and so the District 7 male's actor, Sam Ly, had to take his part. Consequentially, this means that the District 7 Male appears to have two deaths.
  • The District 9 boy's portrait is not shown during 'The Fallen' along with the District 10 female. This is most likely a production error.
  • He lives for 35 seconds, dying before his district partner.
  • He and the District 5 male of the 75th Hunger Games are similar, because in the films both tried to kill Katniss in order to get supplies and are killed by aCareer tribute (Clove and Finnick in this case)
  • In the Hunger Games: Training Days board game, he and his district partner, along with district 5 and 6 were not given cards or any recognition.