"District 9 is Panem's bread bowl, giving us the fertile harvest we need to keep rising as a nation. Its amber waves of grain are an inspiration to us all."
―Description from The Hunger Games: Tribute Guide[src]

District 9 is one of the thirteen districts of Panem, and its primary industry is grain production.

Known Tributes

Location and geography

According to the map of Panem featured in The Hunger Games Adventures, District 9 is located in the central area of the continent. It is apparently very large, bordered by six other districts and the Capitol, and extending from the Great Plains area in the south the Great Lakes and Canada in the north. This fits with the district's industry, as these regions are known for their flat farmland and fields of wheat. It is mentioned that the district has many factories, most likely for processing the harvested grain.


District 9 Tributes

District 9 Tributes, 74th Hunger Games

  • District 9 is the least-mentioned district in the Hunger Games series, and relatively little about it is known for certain:
    • No named person from the district appears in either books or the films, except on the, there is a District Hero from 9 named Triti Lancaster.
    • District 9's industry is never specifically identified in the books- Katniss and Peeta encounter "fields of wheat"[1] in one district on their Victory Tour, and since grain is such a significant part of Panem's food supply, it makes sense that an entire district would produce the crop, which would then be rationed throughout the country.
      • During the bloodbath of the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss grabbed a loaf of bread just before getting into a struggle over a backpack with the boy from District 9 (perhaps a subtle indicator of the district's industry?)
      • In the film Mockingjay: Part 1, Peeta mentioned a district that set granaries on fire. If he was referring to District 9, this may have been a method of rebellion by cutting food supplies. 
  • It's unknown, but unlikely, that the District 9 victors were part of the alliance to free Katniss from the arena of the 75th Hunger Games as they weren't mentioned as one of the districts that took part.[2]
  • District 9 was the 5th - 10th district to pry from Capitol rule.
  • District 9 is the only district where all tributes of the two most recent games have been killed in the bloodbath.
  • According to the Capitol.PN, District 9 has 12 mills in operation with a population of 15,346, making it the eleventh largest district, in terms of population.
  • According to the Capitol.PN, District 9 claims 70,532 in tesserae, making it the fourth most impoverished district. 
    • It is a very poor district, though slightly better than District 11.
    • If the population is 15,346 and they claim 70,532 tesserae, it would equal to 4.593 tesserae per person, making it the 9th richest District.
  • No official arena wear for District 9 was produced in the first movie, apart from the District 9 female's hiking boots.


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