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The District 7 male was the male tribute from District 7 who participated in the 74th Hunger Games.

74th Hunger Games

The District 7 tributes in their parade costumes.

Tribute Parade

In the film, he and his district partner were seen wearing fan-like paper headdresses and paper clothes, representing lumber, although Johanna Mason said their stylist have been dressing the District 7 tributes as trees for the last 40 years.


The District 7 male listening to the rules along with the District 4 male, the District 8 male, Katniss and Peeta.

During the training, he is seen in a brief footage training throwing a spear with the help of a trainer while the District 10 male and the District 6 male were having a brief footage training wrestling. He is also seen along with Katniss, Peeta, the District 4 male and the District 8 male listening to Atala explaining the rules.

Cornucopia bloodbath

Thresh has just slashed part of District 7 male's face

The District 7 male was killed in the initial Cornucopia bloodbath. He was stationed on the right of Foxface and on the left of Cato on the pedestals. When the gong rang, he ran towards the Cornucopia. He first gets into a physical altercation with the District 6 male. Afterwards, he tries to attack the District 10 male but ends up getting shoved to the ground. Then he sees the District 5 male attack his district partner, so he grabs a spear and knocks down the District 5 male. He is about to kill him, but Thresh gets in the way. He tries to stab Thresh, but Thresh kicks the spear out of his hands, and slashes part of his face off, killing him.

The District 7 tributes waiting for their interviews.


After his death, the male tribute from District 7, like all the other fallen tributes, had his DNA mixed with a wolf to form a muttation which had similar characteristics to the fallen tribute. It is unknown whether his mutt survived the attack at the Cornucopia.

The District 7 male's Tribute Identification Card.


  • In the film, his odds of winning were 5-1.
  • He weighs 130 pounds.
  • In the arena, he wears a russet brown jacket.
  • In the bloodbath, he replaces the District 9 male, making him appear to have two deaths.
  • According to the death toll behind Caesar and Claudius, it is seen that he died 37 seconds after the games started, so he placed 19th.
  • He was the 6th death, but on the scoreboard behind Caesar it can be seen that he was the 7th death.