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The District 6 female was the female tribute from District 6 who participated in the 74th Hunger Games.

74th Hunger Games

Tribute Parade

The District 6 tributes in their parade costumes.

In the Tribute Parade, the District 6 female was dressed in a costume that resembled a moon. A crescent moon-shaped head piece that curved around her face was worn by both her, and her district partner. It may have been based on space shuttles and space travel, because of the moon theme.


The District 6 girl running in the Gauntlet.

During training, the District 6 female was seen standing beside the District 4 female when Atala was explaining the rules. In the Tribute Guide, she is shown running on the gauntlets, along with the District 5 male, in a picture. When her district partner and Cato are fighting, she is seen in a quick shot with a trainer behind the rope station where Thresh, the District 3 male, and the District 4 male are watching the Peacekeepers running towards the altercation between Cato and her district partner.


The District 6 Female is seen with her partner wearing a puffy blue dress awaiting her interview.

Cornucopia bloodbath

Glimmer attacks the District 6 female.

The District 6 female was killed in the initial Cornucopia bloodbath. She stood on the pedestal next to Thresh and the District 8 male. Like most of the tributes, she ran for supplies. She tries to attack the District 4 female with a serrated sword but the District 4 female brutally beats her, pushes her to the floor and grabs the sword. She tries to steal a yellow sleeping bag from the District 10 male but, Glimmer attacks her from behind eventually gaining the bag for herself and stabbing the District 6 female to death.

Glimmer and the District 6 female fight over a yellow sleeping bag near a crate.


The District 6 female's Tribute Identification Card.

After her death, like the other fallen tributes, the District 6 female her DNA mixed with a wolf to form a muttation. It's unknown whether or not her mutt survived the battle with Katniss, Cato, and Peeta.

The District 6 tributes waiting for their interviews.


  • In the film, her odds of winning were 23-1.
  • In the arena, she wears a tomato red jacket. She also ties her hair into pigtail buns.
  • She was the 4th dead, but when the District 8 female was killed, on the scoreboard behind Caesar it can be seen that she was the 6th dead.
  • In The Fallen broadcast, her portrait, along with her district partner, is omitted, although they are killed that day.
  • She is tied with the District 7 female for second smallest female tribute in the Games.
  • In the Hunger Games: Training Days board game, she and her district partner, along with Districts 10 and 9 were not given cards or any recognition.