"A cannon fires. We see the hovercraft appear over the area where the wave began and pluck a body from the trees."
Katniss Everdeen on the District 5 female's death.[src]

The District 5 female was the female tribute who participated in the 75th Hunger Games. She was also the victor of an unspecified Hunger Games.

75th Hunger Games


She participated in training before the Games.


During the interviews, she wore a blue, knee-length dress with a black, short-sleeved, sweater and a large belt. She joined hands with the other victors as a sign of strength and rebellion.

Cornucopia bloodbath


The District 5 female (green) running away from the bloodbath.

The District 5 female survived the initial Cornucopia bloodbath, and managed to escape into the jungle. However, her district partner was killed by Finnick Odair and placed 24th. Her pedestal was stationed next to Mags' and Blight's. She was seen running away from the bloodbath some seconds after the cannon that signaled the start of the games sounded.

The Games

On the 1st day, the District 5 female ran away from the bloodbath, just like Foxface. It is presumed that, since she had no supplies or weapons to help her in the Games, she hid in the tidal wave sector, untill the wave flooded that sector and killed her. 


Although she outlived her alcoholic counterpart, she was killed on Day 2. Her scream is heard when the tidal wave begins. When the hovercraft comes and picks up her body, she is not recognized by Katniss. She placed 13th out of 24.


District 5 female's death portrait.


  • She and Foxface from the 74th Hunger Games are similar, as they both ran away from the bloodbath and outlived their district partners, but later died from natural causes.
  • It is possible that she, along with the District 5 male mentored Foxface and her district partner in the 74th Hunger Games.