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"Electric, solar, and nuclear - District 5 harnesses the energy of the earth and the sky in order to power our great nation."
―Description from The Hunger Games: Tribute Guide[src]

District 5 is one of the thirteen districts of Panem. Its main industry is power and electricity, and the district is responsible for generating the power of the entire nation. District 5 is shown to have a huge hydroelectric dam used for this purpose.[1] The dam was bombed and disabled by district rebels during the Second Rebellion, causing a massive loss of power in the Capitol.

The dam being bombed by the rebels

Known tributes

The male tribute during the 74th Hunger Games died during the bloodbath at the Cornucopia. Katniss nicknamed the female tribute "Foxface." She survived by stealing food from other tributes in order to keep herself alive, as well as her quick, witty decisions. Ironically, it was her strategy for survival that eventually killed her. She stole some berries from Peeta Mellark's collection. Sadly, she mistakenly ate the berries, which were poisonous nightlock. Katniss Everdeen notes that if they were to give out a test, Foxface would be the smartest by a mile.

The tributes during the 75th Hunger Games were both past victors. The male was an alcoholic and vomited on the sword-fighting arena during training. In the arena, the male is killed during the bloodbath at the Cornucopia by Finnick Odair. The female lived slightly longer. Katniss hears her scream when the tsunami hits, drowning and killing her.

Location and geography

According to the map of Panem featured in The Hunger Games Adventures, District 5 is located directly southwest of the Capitol, which lies in the Rocky Mountains. This makes sense, as it would have to be located in close proximity to meet the power needs of the city. This also explains how District 12, which lies in the Appalachian Mountains in eastern Panem, does not have enough electricity to continually light their homes or power the electric fence which surrounds the district.


  • It's unlikely that the District 5 victors were part of the rebel alliance to free Katniss from the 75th Hunger Games as they weren't mentioned as one of the districts that took part, and the male tribute attacked Finnick and Katniss.
  • In the last two Hunger Games, both males were killed in the bloodbath but both females survived the bloodbath, the opposite of District 10.
  • District 5 is possibly one of the wealthier districts, such as District 1 or District 2 due to the low amount of residents who take tesserae. This may also attribute to the theory of District 5 not being as impoverished as outlying Districts (10, 11 and 12).
  • District 5 was the 5th - 10th district to pry from Capitol rule.
  • District 1, District 5 and District 9 are the only districts without a known rebel.
  • According to the Capitol.PN, District 5 has 15 power plants in operation with a population of 134,345, making it the fifth largest district, in terms of population.
  • According to the Capitol.PN, District 5 claims 2,881 in tesserae, making it the third richest district. It is, in fact, richer than District 4, making it the only non-Career District to be wealthier than a Career District and the wealthiest non-Career District.
    • If the population is 134,345 and they claim 2,881 tesserae, it would equal to 0.021 tesserae per person, making it the 2nd richest District.
  • It is considered a wealthy district.
  • A solar power plant, Coriolanus 9, is located in the heart of District 5, named after Coriolanus Snow.
  • During the first rebellion due to rebel’s occupation of the district, gave fake bomb alarms to deceive the Capitol, effectively managing to deal more damage when actual bombs attacked the city.
  • Based on the arena wear for the 74th Hunger Games, the district's colour seems to be ripe eggplant brown (#492d35 –    ).[2][3]


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