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The District 4 female was a tribute who participated in the 74th Hunger Games. She was also a Career Tribute in the book. 

74th Hunger Games

District 4 tributes in their tribute parade costumes.

During the Tribute Parade, she and her district partner were dressed in an aqua-colored gown with starfish pins, representing their district, fishing. She was portrayed to be one of the older, stronger tributes.


The District 4 female talking to trainers

In the film, She is first seen when in a circle with the other tributes. She stands to the left of the District 6 female and the right of the District 5 male when Atala is giving instructions and talking about survival. Later when Marvel is using a spear to fight with the trainer, she is seen behind learning how to throw a knife with her trainer. The next day, Cato slices a dummy hand off. Slightly behind him, she's there trying to get in the gauntlets behind her is the District 7 female. She was also seen use bow and arrows behind Peeta, when the Careers teased Peeta.

Cornucopia bloodbath

District 4 female running with a bag (movie adaptation).

Being a Career, she presumably killed and/or injured several tributes. In the film, she was killed in the bloodbath, contradicting her book appearance. She stood on the pedestal next to Clove and the District 8 male. When the gong rings she runs towards the Cornucopia. She runs towards the left, as Cato cleaves the District 10 male. The District 6 female tries to attack her with a serrated sword but she brutally beats her, pushes her to the floor, and grabs the sword. She slashes the District 3 female's leg with the sword. In the film, she is killed during the bloodbath.

The Games

She and the other Careers hunted down and killed the District 8 female. After the forest fire the Gamemakers had created, she and the Careers found Katniss in a lake, tending to her burns that she sustained. They

Cato pushing the District 4 female during the 74th Hunger Games bloodbath (movie adaptation).

chased Katniss up a tree, but since Katniss was too high up and none of the Careers were able to reach her, Peeta suggested that they wait until morning for Katniss to come down. They agreed and camped under the tree. Katniss saw Rue pointing to a tracker jacker nest above Katniss' head. at the branch and sends the nest down onto the Career's, causing them to flee. Both Glimmer and the District 4 female received numerous stings. Unlike Glimmer who was swatting at the tracker jackers frantically, the District 4 female dropped her stuff and ran out of sight to try and make it to the lake, leaving Glimmer to be stung to death before she could escape. Several minutes after Glimmer died, she had collapsed from the many stings she had received and died. She was picked up by the hovercraft before Glimmer, due to Katniss' close proximity to Glimmer's corpse while trying to take her bow and arrows. She placed 11th out of 24. Rue mentioned her death to Katniss later on Day 9, while she was recovering from her tracker jacker stings.

District 4 Tribute Girl's ID Card

The tracker jacker hive that eventually led to her death.

Film portrayal

The District 4 female was portrayed by Tara Macken in The Hunger Games film adaptation.


  • When asked on Twitter about her character's name, her portrayer confirmed that was Marina. [1]
  • In the film, she weighs 105 pounds and is 16 years old.
  • Her odds were initially 10-1 and then 9-1.
  • In the movie, the scoreboard behind Caesar and Claudius, it is seen that she died 17 minutes and 23 seconds into the Games.
  • In the arena, she wore a seastorm blue jacket and tied her hair in two pigtails.
  • In one of the trailers, she's seen throwing a knife in the training center on Marvel's right side.
  • In the film, she dies after the Cornucopia bloodbath and placed 13th, but when the District 8 female was killed, on the scoreboard behind Caesar it can be seen that she was the 2nd dead.
  • In the book, she died in the tracker jacker attack along with Glimmer. She placed 11th in the book and 13th in the movie.
  • Her actress, Tara Macken, was a stunt in Catching Fire, as seen in the final credits of the movie.