"We watch as the claw dips down five different times to retrieve the pieces of one body, torn apart. It’s impossible to tell who it was."
Katniss Everdeen describing the District 10 male's death.[src]

The District 10 male was the male tribute from District 10 who participated in the 75th Hunger Games. He was also the victor of an unspecified Hunger Games. Being a previous victor, he presumably mentored other tributes for the games.

75th Hunger Games

Cf tributesjohanna

Johanna Mason and Blight (front). District 9 female with the District 10 male. (back)


District 9 (front) and 10 (back).

Chariot rides

During the chariot rides for the 75th Hunger Games, he and his district partner were dressed up as cows with flaming belts. Katniss assumed that this was an

District 10 tributes at the interviews.

attempt to steal Cinna and Portia's idea of making the tributes shine, however it failed and seemed to represent the cows broiling themselves. In the film, he and his district partner wore Greek-inspired outfits.


In the film, he arrived at the Training Center. While the tributes were waiting to show their skills to the Gamemakers, he is seen talking to the District 9 female and his district partner.


He later joined hands with the other victors to signify their strength at the interviews while dressed in a dark brown suit with long horns on the basis of a harness attached to his chest, matching his district partner's.


In the arena, he managed to escape the bloodbath. In the film, his pedestal is positioned next to Cecelia's. He managed to escape into the jungle. However, in the book during the second day he died in one of the 'Time Sectors' of the 75th Hunger Games from a large unidentified muttation that tore him apart. His death is unknown in the film. He placed 9th out of 24.


  • He and the District 10 male from the 74th Hunger Games are similar, as they both outlived their female counterpart and were killed by an unknown source. They both also died after a District 1 female tribute was killed.
  • His portrait in the sky is not seen on the second day during the film. 
    • In the 75th Hunger Games, one of the time "sectors" in the arena had an unidentified mutt in it which ripped apart a tribute so badly they could not be identified. That mutt was labeled as extremely large and very fast. Peeta called it "the Beast". 
    • He is the longest lasting unnamed tribute in the 75th Hunger Games or the 3rd Quarter Quell.