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The District 10 male was the male tribute from District 10 who participated in the 74th Hunger Games.

74th Hunger Games

The District 10 tributes in their parade costumes.


The District 10 male was one of the few tributes noticed at the reapings by Katniss due to his injured leg.

Tribute Parade

In the film, the boy from 10 was first seen in the Tribute Parade with his district partner, wearing golden cowboy hats, shirts, and pants, representing the cowboys and cowgirls from District 10. Later, when the chariots are parked, he and his partner are seen in the background, behind Katniss and Peeta's chariot, talking to each other.


District 10 male training.

In the film during training, he was shown practicing with a staff against a trainer, dodging and hitting each other's weapons as Katniss watched, impressed. During training after Peeta throws the medicine ball, he and the District 5 male are seen in the background looking doubtfully at the Career tributes. He is also seen in a brief footage training wrestling with the District 6 male while the District 7 male threw a spear with the help of a trainer. It is unknown whether he made any alliances during this time.


In line, the boy from 10 wears a grey suit for his interview. In the novel, as narrated by Katniss, he was described as being very quiet and shy when he is interviewed by Ceaser Flickerman. In the film, he is seen waiting in line with a bored expression wearing a grey suit with black pants and grey shoes.

Cornucopia Bloodbath

The District 10 male running to the Cornucopia

The District 10 male getting a duffel bag.

In the novel and film, the District 10 male survived the initial Cornucopia bloodbath. But for unknown reasons, he is seen being killed by Cato.

The District 6 female tries to steal the District 10 male's bag while being pulled away by Glimmer. Cato and the District 4 female are also seen fighting by a crate.

Like majority of the tributes, he ran to the Cornucopia for supplies. He grabs a yellow sleeping bag, but the District 7 male and the District 6 male charges at him in opposite directions. He quickly pushes the District 7 male back and elbows the District 6 male in the chest. The District 6 female steals the bag from his hands, while Glimmer comes from behind, pulls her hair, and shoves her away from him, causing him to lose his bag. After Glimmer killed the District 6 female, he collided with her and took the bag away from her. Glimmer pinned him to a crate to stab him, but he was too quick for her. Marvel confronted him and tried to slash him with an axe, but he successfully dodged. At some point in the Bloodbath he and the District 5 male try to kill Cato while the District 6 male watches from behind a crate. He is later seen running in the forest holding his bag, while spotted by Katniss, who runs the opposite direction.


The District 10 male's corpse.

The District 10 boy`s location hours before his death.

The District 10 male managed to survive until the eighth day of the Games, where he was killed early in the morning, most likely from the Careers. He placed 10th out of 24. In the film, his death was mentioned by Rue to Katniss, who had been asleep for the past two days. In the book, however, Katniss and Rue are awakened by the cannon signaling his death on the morning they sabotage the Careers' food supply. In the film, he continued to live until after Glimmer died.


The District 10 male tribute's ID card.

In the novel, like all the other fallen tributes, his DNA was mixed with a wolf creating a vicious wolf-like muttation which was part of the pack that attacked the last three tributes at the Cornucopia. It is unknown whether or not his mutt survived the battle.


  • In the film, his odds of winning were 15-1.
  • In the film, the tribute boards show that the boy from 10 weighs 165 pounds and he is 18 years old.
  • In the book, he has a crippled foot. It is unknown if this is due to an accident or if he was simply born with it.
  • At the Cornucopia, in the film, the only item the boy from 10 got was a yellow duffel bag, which was stolen by the girl from District 6.
  • In the film, Katniss never took note of the District 10 male, as he doesn't appear to have a crippled leg, which he does in the novel, and this can be proved as he did run to the Cornucopia at the beginning of the Games.
  • The District 10 male, along with the film version of both Cato and Thresh are not only the oldest tributes in the Games, since they were 18, but they were physically the largest of all the tributes in the 74th Hunger Games.
  • In the film, he dies twice. He was used as an extra death at the Cornucopia, and he is also seen fleeing into the woods the same time as Katniss. Rue also said that he died around the same time that Glimmer died.
  • He is seen fighting with various tributes in the bloodbath. He fights with Glimmer, Marvel, Cato, the male and female tributes from District 6, and the District 7 male.
  • In the arena, he wore a beige grey jacket.
  • He, Foxface, Rue, Thresh and the District 3 male were the only tributes alive at the time when Katniss dropped the nest not known to be stung by tracker jackers.
  • He and the District 10 male from the 75th Hunger Games are similar because they both died after a District 1 female tribute was killed. They also both outlived their district partners, then later died to an unknown cause.
  • After the Cornucopia bloodbath, his body is shown, which is a mistake because he escaped the Cornucopia, and survived for eight days.