The District 10 female was the female tribute from District 10 who participated in the 74th Hunger Games.

The 74th Hunger Games

District 10 Tribute parade

The District 10 tributes in their parade costumes.

Tribute Parade

In the film, she is seen first in the Tribute Parade, along with her district partner, riding on the chariots wearing golden cowboy hats, shirts, and pants, representing people who herd livestock.


It is unknown if she participated in the training before the Games.


Her interview angle is unknown.

The District 10 female's picture is shown on the board behind Caesar.

Cornucopia bloodbath

The District 10 female was killed in the initial Cornucopia bloodbath. Although she wasn't actually seen in the arena, it can be assumed that she was positioned on one of the last four pedestals that were after the District 5 male. Like most of the tributes, she ran for supplies. She was killed by Clove at the beginning of the bloodbath off-screen.



The District 10 girl`s ID card

At the end of the Games, the Gamemakers created mutated wolf like muttations to chase Katniss, Cato, and Peeta based on traits from the fallen tributes. It is unknown if her mutt survived the battle.


  • In the film, her odds of winning were 10-1.
  • In the film, her portrait is not shown at night along with the other fallen tributes along with the District 9 male, this is most likely a production error.
  • In the film, she weighs 112 pounds and is 16 years old.
  • In the arena, she wore a beige grey jacket.
  • On the scoreboard behind Caesar and Claudius, it probably addresses her as the District 3 female. If she indeed lasted 23 seconds as the movie suggests, then she possibly shared the 23rd place.
  • She was the 2nd dead, but according to the scoreboard shown when the District 8 female was killed, she was the 10th tribute to die.
  • Dakota Hood, her portrayer, confirmed on Twitter that she was killed by Clove. Some fans believe Glimmer possibly killed her.
  • She is not seen at all in the Cornucopia Bloodbath, nor was the District 9 female. This is because she isn’t a stunt double which would make filming her arena scenes very dangerous for her portrayer.
  • She is the only tribute in the 74th Hunger Games to not appear in a single scene during the games, as her face was not even shown in the sky on the first night to signify her death.