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"He might kill you now. He killed a Peacekeeper back in Eleven. They never found out who did it."
―Dill regarding Reaper, the male tribute from District 11

Dill was the female tribute from District 11 in the 10th Hunger Games. Her mentor was Felix Ravinstill. Her death was the first death that officially took place during the 10th Hunger Games. She died from complications due to tuberculosis.


Dill grew up in District 11 and became her district's female tribute in the Reaping for the 10th Hunger Games.[1]

Along with the other tributes, Dill was taken to the Capitol in a dirty cattle car. There, she told Coriolanus Snow, the mentor of District 12 tribute Lucy Gray Baird, that Reaper, her district partner, had once killed a Peacekeeper. In response, Reaper told her to shut it, but she asked who cared now. When Lucy Gray stopped the other tributes from attacking Snow, saying that he was her mentor, Dill asked "How come you get a mender?" When Snow said that they each got one, Dill asked where they were and why they hadn't come. Lucy Gray replied that they just weren't as inspired. The tributes were then dumped into the monkey house at the Capitol Zoo[2]

That evening, Snow discovered fellow mentor Sejanus Plinth at the zoo, apparently trying to coax Dill to take a sandwich. He wondered why Plinth would do this when she wasn't even his tribute.[3]

During the interviews for the Games, Felix Ravinstill, her assigned mentor, tried to make an impression with her, but she was so sickly that her coughs were barely audible.[4]


On the first day of the Hunger Games, Reaper could seen be carrying Dill, who was on the verge of death, out of a tunnel and onto a sunny spot of a piece of charred wood. She was also shivering despite the heat. Her mentor was surprised she even made it that long, as she was likely suffering from tuberculosis. She received two bottles of water by sponsors, but did not even acknowledge them. Treech came later and quickly stole them. As the day ended, Dill's body convulsed and violently coughed up blood. Blood soaked the filthy dress that she wore.[5]

Physical description

When Coriolanus Snow first saw Dill on the train platform, he described Reaper, her district partner, first, to be "a tall boy with dark brown skin". He then described Dill as "a girl with similar coloring but a skeletal frame and a hacking cough."[2]

In the arena, Dill seemed to have shrunk due to illness. Her body was curled in the fetal position and she wore a filthy dress that became soaked with blood upon her death.[5]


Dill may be named after the dill herb.


  • Dill had some sort of mutual bond with her fellow District 11 tribute, Reaper. On the first day of the Games, before Dill died, Reaper carried Dill out of the tunnel and made a lackluster attempt to comfort her. This is a vaguely similar relationship as that of Thresh and Rue from the 74th Hunger Games.


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