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Dalton was a District 10 refugee that made his way to District 13 by foot many years before Katniss Everdeen arrived.


During his life in District 10 he had worked on one of the beef ranches, maintaining the genetic diversity of the herd with the implantation of long-frozen cow embryos.

He suggests to Katniss that District 13 needs all the refugees they can get because, ever since a pox epidemic killed many of their own and left even more infertile, they have needed a new genetic gene pool to draw from in order to have children and make their population more sustainable.

Dalton was part of a small group of District 13 people who were invited to a meeting by Haymitch Abernathy to brainstorm ideas to help the propos for the rebellion. It was apparent Katniss could not act well and the idea was suggested that she go to District 8 to visit an area that was bombed and that the footage be used for a promo/message to President Snow. At this meeting Dalton suggests that they should "wash her face," and goes on to say, "She's still a girl and you make her look thirty-five. Feels wrong. Like something the Capitol would do." Katniss later mentions that she is glad she washed her face because people recognize her with her imperfections, not the makeup.

Dalton was a participant in Annie Cresta's and Finnick Odair's wedding. He held the marriage ritual because it was similar to District 10's own wedding ceremonies.


  • He is the only named person to live in District 10.
  • As previously mentioned, in the Mockingjay book, Dalton suggested that Katniss Everdeen shouldn't wear makeup in the propaganda videos so she would seem natural. However, Dalton does not appear in either movie adaptations, and the line is said by Boggs instead.