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"In really bad times, the hungriest would gather at his door at nightfall, vying for the chance to earn a few coins to feed their families by selling their bodies."
Katniss about Cray[src]

Cray was the Head Peacekeeper of District 12 before he was replaced by Romulus Thread. He was an older Peacekeeper, with a few strands of silvery hair combed sideways over his unusually red face. He was infamous for paying young women to sleep with him. Katniss Everdeen realized that if she had been older when her father died, she too might have gone to Cray. Fortunately, she learned how to hunt instead.[1]


Katniss saw Cray in the Hob after buying white liquor for Haymitch Abernathy. Cray, a heavy drinker, warned her of how strong the alcohol was, saying that it could probably kill her. Only seconds later did Cray buy a bottle of the same alcohol.[2] He was Gale Hawthorne's best customer when it came to poached wild turkeys, but Gale was surprised when he knocked on the door one day to find Cray replaced as Head Peacekeeper. Romulus Thread, the new Head Peacekeeper, saw the dead turkey hanging from his belt and dragged Gale to the square, where he was forced to plead guilty to his crime and withstood a public whipping. He was whipped at least forty times, and fell unconscious around thirty before Katniss stepped in to stop the torture.[1]

In the film, Cray greeted Commander Thread upon arrival, suggesting he knew Thread was coming. However, a bag was thrown over his head and he was immediately arrested. Cray's current status is unknown, but following his arrest, he was most likely executed under President Snow's orders for his laxness and leniency.[3]


Cray is described as having silvery gray hair combed to one side, and is often seen wearing his Peacekeeper armour.


Cray was disliked by most citizens in District 12 because of his soliciting prostitution from impoverished, starving women of the Seam. He was very lazy, often drinking liquor instead of doing his job, which would ultimately lead to his fall from power and likely exectution.[1]


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