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The Cornucopia bloodbath was an event that took place at the beginning of every edition of the Hunger Games from their very installment, as most of the tributes competed for valuable weapons, food, water and packs full of other valuable supplies that could be useful during the Games. These supplies were spread in and around the Cornucopia.

Tributes almost always seemed to die at the bloodbath, an outlook that indicates the very event may have been crafted by the Gamemakers for optimal entertainment value and quick deaths at the beginning of the Games, in order to narrow the playing field and keep the audience interested. In the end, the Cornucopia was often taken over by a group of tributes who fought in the bloodbath (usually, the pack of Career Tributes.)


The Cornucopia was typically located in the center of the arena and was where the Career Tributes normally set up camp during the majority of the Games, as many tributes would attempt to return to scavenge what was left of the supplies there. The area around the Cornucopia varied between games, such as being surrounded by forests like in the 74th Hunger Games or surrounded by seawater like in the 75th Hunger Games.


The value of an item depended on how close it was to the Cornucopia. Items scattered in the outskirts were usually less valuable. Items in the heart of the Cornucopia were the most valuable, usually being weapons, which varied on the type of arena. For example, tridents might only appear in water based arenas. Sometimes the Capitol limited the weapons to a specific type. In an unknown Hunger Games, the Capitol made spiked maces the only weapon available, mainly for entertainment purposes.


There were a variety of ways tributes would approach the bloodbath, but these strategies depended on how the Cornucopia was positioned.

Peeta Mellark flees the bloodbath.

Some tributes ignored the bloodbath completely and tried to put as much distance as they could between themselves and the tributes with weapons from the Cornucopia. This means that they would get no supplies at all and would have to rely on the arena, their skills, or perhaps a rich sponsor in order to proceed through the Games. During the 74th Hunger Games, Peeta Mellark avoided the Cornucopia at first under Haymitch's orders, but later joined the Career Tributes and had access to their supplies until he eventually betrayed them.

Other tributes, including Katniss Everdeen, grabbed what they could from the outskirts of the Cornucopia and fled before things became too dangerous. This means they still acquired supplies, but less valuable ones with little or no weapons. Other tributes, mostly the Careers, dashed for supplies in the Cornucopia as an opportunity to kill as many tributes as possible right off the bat. This means they would get the most weapons and supplies, but also ran the highest risk of getting killed or badly injured. Some tributes were agile and could reach the inside of the Cornucopia to swiftly gather supplies and leave, like Thresh.


While any number of tributes could die in the bloodbath, an average of about eight to twelve tributes were killed. In the first Hunger Games, it was assumed that no tributes were killed in the bloodbath since the Games were an extremely new idea. That said, the most tributes known to die in a bloodbath was 18; which occurred during the 50th Hunger Games. However, the 50th Hunger Games was the Second Quarter Quell and was under special rules in which the number of tributes to be reaped was doubled to four per district, totaling at 48 tributes compared to the normal 24, explaining the statistical anomaly.


74th Hunger Games

In the novel and film, Katniss Everdeen was taken to a launch station, where her stylist, Cinna, waited. He put on her arena jacket and gave her the Mockingjay pin for good luck. The timer gave them 60 seconds to say their goodbyes. After Cinna kissed her goodbye, Katniss walked inside the elevator tube and it closed, beginning to lift her up into the arena. Cinna nodded to her as she was ascended into the arena.

In the film, as she ascended, light blinded her view for a few moments. When she could finally see clearly, she looked toward the silver horn-shaped Cornucopia and its supplies. Before the 60 seconds prior to the game's commence counted down, she turned her head to see the other tributes beside her.

With 10 seconds before the gong sounded, she spotted a bow and quiver of arrows, but was distracted by Peeta Mellark, her district partner, who noticed her idea and shook his head before facing the Cornucopia again. A loud gong then signaled the beginning of the games.

75th Hunger Games

In the novel, Katniss described the scene as quick and similar to the 74th Hunger Games. However, she walked into the tube and was elevated into the arena, Peacekeepers came in and beat up Cinna. Katniss cried and screamed as he was dragged away unconscious, leaving a trail of blood.

In the film, the scene was similar, but when Katniss ascended, she crouched down to try and stop the elevator to save Cinna as he was dragged away, without leaving a blood trail. Once again, light blinded her view before she could see the Cornucopia, which was surrounded by seawater this time.

The countdown began at 10. Katniss looked to each side to see Career tributes beside her. She tried to find Peeta, but presumed he was behind the Cornucopia. Katniss showed a vengeful expression after seeing Cinna get killed and when the Games began with a gunshot, she determinedly dove into the water.

Cornucopia bloodbaths

The tributes lined up for the starting of the Games.

10th Hunger Games

There was no cornucopia in the 10th Hunger Games; simply a pile of weapons, without even food or water. The bloodbath was bloodless, as no one died or was injured as a result of it. Tanner, Coral and Jessup, the strongest tributes that sprinted for the weapons, grabbed a few but quickly retreated; only Reaper Ash stayed out in the open. This was attributed to two factors: the fact that the changed landscape of the Capitol Arena in the wake of its being bombed resulted in a number of new hiding places, and that many of the competitive tributes were already dead from the aforementioned bombing, resulting in the field consisting largely of "prey" tributes who ran for cover instead of attempting to secure themselves a weapon.[1]

50th Hunger Games

In the 50th Hunger Games, 18 people were killed in the opening bloodbath, most of them likely by the Careers. This was the highest number of deaths in a bloodbath due to the doubled amount of tributes as per the Second Quarter Quell rules. However, the arena was so beautiful, the tributes were awed at first sight. Haymitch Abernathy, the victor from District 12, managed to get supplies before the bloodbath began, being the only one not stunned by the beauty of the arena in the critical first minute of the game. Presumably, Abernathy's escape roused the other tributes into action. Abernathy would win this edition.

74th Hunger Games

In the novel version of the 74th Hunger Games, eleven people were killed in the opening bloodbath. In the film version of the 74th Hunger Games, twelve people were killed instead, as the District 4 tributes were not considered Careers and the District 4 female was killed off.


Katniss grappled with the District 9 male over an orange backpack until the boy began to cough blood in her face, finally falling onto the ground dead with a knife protruding out of his back. Katniss looked to see the District 2 female, Clove, with a knife in her hands, indicating she had done the deed. Clove threw a knife right toward Katniss's head, but Katniss shielded herself with her backpack, gaining herself a knife before running off into the forests.

Cato shoving the District 4 female into a crate during the 74th Hunger Games.


In the film adaptation, as well as the behind the scenes footage, Katniss and the other tributes rose into their podiums. The timer counted down from 60. The tributes looked around at the forest arena and took in their positions. Most were aimed towards the Cornucopia, including Katniss, who was focused on a bow in the center of the Cornucopia, but Peeta distracted her by shaking his head. The playing of music signaled that the Games had begun and the tributes ran off their podiums.

Peeta and Rue ran straight towards the forest. Katniss circled the pedestals in an attempt to run towards Peeta, passing by Foxface, who ran into the forest the other way. However, he ran swiftly into the forest surrounding them, forcing her to stop and watch the bloodbath unfold. Thresh was the first one at the Cornucopia, with the District 4 male hot on his heels. They both ran to the back of the Cornucopia; Thresh gathered supplies and the District 4 male hid behind a crate. Meanwhile, Cato charged the District 6 male before even grabbing a weapon, knocking him to the ground and beating him up.

The tributes fighting

The District 8 male attempted to punch Marvel soon after leaping off his podium, but his attack was blocked and he was tripped to the ground, where he was stabbed to death with a kukri the Career tribute had grabbed, becoming the first fatality of the Games. His death was witnessed by Katniss, who made a run for it. The District 10 male ran as well, but was cleaved by Cato, becoming badly injured.

The District 3 female grabbed a black backpack and attempted to run into the woods, but the District 5 male grabbed her and pulled her back into the bloodbath. The two had a brief scuffle, but the District 5 male tripped and fell, allowing the District 3 female to free herself from his grasp.

Tributes killing each other

Tributes killing each other

The District 4 female then grabbed a sword and slashed the District 3 female's leg, foiling her second escape attempt. In the meantime, Clove looked through a pack and found throwing knives and a vest. The District 5 male grabbed a sickle. Slowed down due to a grave leg injury, the District 3 Female offered little resistance as she was slashed with a sickle by the District 5 Male, who stole the backpack she had been holding and left her for dead.

The District 6 female tried to steal the District 10 male's bag, but Glimmer came from behind and pulled her hair, taking the bag with her. The two girls engaged in a gruesome fight, in which Glimmer tried to pull the bag free. When the District 6 female refused to let go, she was knocked into a pile of crates and punched in the face, before being stabbed to death. Having made her first kill, Glimmer took the bag and darted for the heart of the Cornucopia.

The District 7 female witnessed the fight and ducked behind a crate to avoid conflict. The District 4 female confronted Cato. She swung a sword at Cato but he ducked. Cato smacked the sword out of her hands and smacked her with a baton. He then threw her over a crate, leaving the scene. As Katniss watched the District 4 female stand up to grab a backpack and run, she spotted an orange backpack and ran to it, passing Glimmer stabbing the District 6 female to death as Marvel looked on. In the meantime, the District 6 male looked through the contents of a backpack.

Glimmer stabs the District 6 female.

As the chaos unfolded, the District 5 male smacked the District 7 female with a backpack he had been holding. The District 7 male saw this, grabbed a spear and pushed the District 5 male to the ground. Thresh ran out of the Cornucopia as Glimmer ran inside, and the District 7 male was about to kill the District 5 male when Thresh ran in between.

The District 5 male left his stuff, still holding onto his sword, and crawled away. The District 7 male tried to spear Thresh, who dodged, knocked the spear out of his opponent's hands and made short work of him by slashing his throat with a curved sword as he made his way out of the Cornucopia.

Thresh killing the District 7 male.

The District 9 male spotted the orange backpack Katniss had been making a run for and moved towards it, axe in hand. Katniss succeeded in grabbing the backpack, but tripped, turning around and seeing the boy approach her. She was about to be chopped when he collapsed, dead.

The District 9 male (played by the District 7 male's actor) about to kill Katniss.

Katniss then saw Clove, who had thrown a knife into his back. Clove threw a second knife, this one aimed toward Katniss's head, but Katniss shielded herself with her backpack and ran away. The District 3 male and the District 7 female then fought over a black backpack, but the District 7 female managed to get the upper hand and run off with it. Marvel grabbed a yellow sleeping bag and jumped over a crate while Thresh succeeded in escaping. The District 6 male chased the District 5 male to the back of the Cornucopia.

The District 6 male strangled the District 5 male against a crate, but the District 5 male got the upper hand and smacked the District 6 male into another crate. The District 5 male then attempted to flee the Cornucopia, but was slashed in the abdomen by Cato, causing him to cough blood onto a crate, before Glimmer moved to finish him off. Clove then rammed the District 7 female to ground as she attempted to flee the bloodbath. Marvel spotted the girl on the ground and proceeded to spear her in the heart as she attempted to crawl away from him.

Glimmer tried to attack the District 6 male, but he grabbed a sword and pushed Glimmer to the ground, causing her to scream, which drew Cato's attention. Cato pushed the District 6 male away from Glimmer, tripping him and slashing him twice over the stomach with a sword as he laid on the ground. Cato then finished him with one final stab. Out in the woods, Katniss crashed into Foxface and had a short run-by encounter with the District 10 male. After this, the District 4 male grabbed a yellow duffel bag and attempted to escape, but when he turned around, Cato slashed his throat with his sword.

The District 6 male about to killed by Cato.

Glimmer, Marvel, Clove, Cato, the District 3 male, the District 4 female, Foxface, the District 8 female, the District 10 male, Rue, Thresh, Katniss and Peeta all managed to survive the bloodbath, but after the confrontation had drawn to a close, the District 4 female was chased into the woods by the Careers and eventually killed. Her screams were heard by Katniss, prompting her to run deeper into the forest.

Tribute Placing Killed by
District 8 male 24th Marvel
District 10 female 23rd Unknown
District 3 female 22nd District 5 male
District 6 female 21st Glimmer
District 9 male 20th Clove
District 7 male 19th Thresh
District 9 female 18th Unknown
District 5 male 17th Glimmer
District 7 female 16th Marvel
District 6 male 15th Cato
District 4 male 14th Cato
District 4 female 13th Careers

Photo Gallery (74th Hunger Games)

Note: In the film, the bloodbath footage was clipped in a manner that did not follow a linear fashion, resulting in a series of continuation errors. One example of this is the District 7 female being seen fighting the District 3 male near the mouth of the Cornucopia seconds after the scene where she had been speared in the heart by Marvel was shown.


The Hunger Games Cornucopia Bloodbath

74th Cornucopia bloodbath (film)

75th Hunger Games

In the 75th Hunger Games, eight people were killed in the opening bloodbath. Unlike the previous games, the only things held in the Cornucopia were weapons.


In the novel, Katniss swam quickly to the Cornucopia. She acquired a bow and arrow, readying them as she heard someone behind her. She saw Finnick Odair, who yelled for her to duck and used a trident to spear the District 5 male, who had approached Katniss from behind. He showed her a golden bracelet, which had been given to him by Haymitch to symbolize their alliance. The two realized there were only weapons and no food or survival supplies.

The Career tributes arrived at the Cornucopia, but were driven off by Katniss and Finnick. Katniss shot Gloss in the calf when he attempted to dive into the water for safety but was too slow. She also attempted to shoot Enobaria, but she dove into the water faster. As Brutus approached, she tried to shoot him in the liver, but he used his belt to stop it. After realizing Peeta was stuck on his podium and could not swim, Katniss was ready to retrieve him, but Finnick offered to instead.

He swam and retrieves Peeta, along with his own district partner, Mags. The four of them teamed up and collected supplies, but were forced to leave before the Career tributes could come back. Also, it was mentioned by Johanna Mason that Beetee was stabbed in the Cornucopia before she went to retrieve him.


In the film, Katniss was coming up into the arena, distraught about what happened to Cinna. When she arrived in the arena, she took a look around. She found Cashmere and Brutus next to her; they appeared to be looking around as well. Katniss turned frantically, looking for Peeta, but he was nowhere to be seen; she then thought that he was behind the Cornucopia.

Claudius announced the Games to begin, and the countdown began from 10. The cannon was heard and Katniss dove into the water, quickly arriving at a narrow, rocky wedge. However, she saw Brutus arriving right behind her and began dashing toward the Cornucopia. Beside her on the rocky edge at her right, Gloss was running too.

The two raced each other to the Cornucopia, but Gloss tripped, causing her to gain an advantage. When she reached the Cornucopia, she retrieved a bow and quiver of arrows, then turned and shot Gloss in the calf as he slowly fell into the water. She was then startled by a sound and readied her bow.

It was Finnick Odair, who quickly showed her his golden bracelet that symbolizes their alliance, that yelled for Katniss to duck before using a trident to spear the District 5 male, who had approached her from behind wielding a bladed whip. Katniss began to drive the arriving Career tributes away. Finnick told Katniss that he would search for Peeta, ordering her to hold the Careers off.

Katniss then shot an arrow at Enobaria, who dove before the arrow could find her. Finnick told Katniss that Mags found Peeta, and the two of them ran to the rocky spoke to meet them as a cannon sounded. They found Mags frowning and pointing to Peeta, who was fighting the District 9 male.

Peeta repeatedly tried to climb back onto a podium, but the District 9 male kept pulling him back in. Finnick dove in to save him, but the District 9 male finally pulled Peeta underwater with him. A few moments later a cannon sounds; Katniss was frightened as a corpse floated up.

Fortunately, Peeta ascended, thrashing for air. Katniss was relieved but turned serious when she saw the Career tributes had already formed an alliance and gathered supplies, forcing them to leave.

8 cannons were heard before the bloodbath was officially over.

Tribute Placing Killed by
District 5 Male 24th Finnick
Woof 23rd Brutus
Seeder 22nd Cashmere
District 9 Male 21st Peeta
Cecelia 20th Enobaria
District 6 Male 19th Gloss
District 10 Female 18th Enobaria
District 9 Female 17th Brutus

Photo Gallery (75th Hunger Games)


  • There are several goofs and errors during the bloodbath in the film adaption of The Hunger Games. The District 8 female, District 9 male, female, and District 10 female do not appear in the bloodbath scene as their portrayers are not stunt actors.
  • The District 10 boy is shown being killed by Cato in the bloodbath, but he still survived up to the point where Glimmer was killed and the District 7 boy is shown to be killed by Clove and by Thresh, because he replaced the District 9 male.
  • All the times are based on the portraits. Several errors occurred during the portrait and the actual time listing. Some timings are blurred out, excluding info. The sequences of events isn't in chronological order.
  • In the film adaption of the 74th Hunger Games, there are twelve tributes killed during the bloodbath instead of eleven.
  • In the film adaption of the 74th Hunger Games, the podiums with the tributes seem to be in this order: (From left to right) District 5 male, District 4 male, Rue, Glimmer, District 3 male, District 3 female, District 10 male, Peeta, District 7 female, District 6 male, Cato, District 7 male, Foxface, Katniss, Marvel, Clove, District 4 female, District 8 male, District 6 female and Thresh. (Missing: District 8 female, District 9 male, female and District 10 female).
  • In the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss, the District 3 male and the District 10 male are the only survivors tributes who participate at the bloodbath to not have killed someone. However, all of them did assist in a kill, but they didn't actually make it.
  • The District 9 male (74th HG), and the District 5 male (75th HG) are both similar, as they fought with Katniss in some way and are then killed by a Career Tribute, Clove and Finnick in this case.
  • Actors in the Hunger Games: Catching Fire have said that there was a full Cornucopia Bloodbath filmed but it was eventually cut from the film.