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Coral was the female tribute from District 4 during the 10th Hunger Games. Her mentor was Festus Creed. Coral finished 6th in the Games. She was preceded in death by the District 3 male Circ and succeeded by her district partner Mizzen. She was in an alliance with Mizzen and Tanner, the male tribute from District 10. She was noted as being one of the stronger tributes for these Games.


Coral grew up in District 4 and became her district's female tribute in the Reaping for the 10th Hunger Games.[1]

Along with the other tributes, Coral was taken to the Capitol in a dirty cattle car. From there, they were dumped into the monkey house at the Capitol Zoo.[2]

During the interviews before the Games began, Coral was one of the few mentor-tribute pairs that had something to present. She demonstrated her ability with a trident, wielding an old broomstick in such a way that left little doubt of her skill.[3] When Festus Creed, her mentor, said goodbye before Coral headed into the arena, she almost broke his wrist.[4]

10th Hunger Games

During the Games, Sejanus Plinth went into the arena to die after holding a traditional District 2 vigil over the District 2 male tribute, Marcus, whom he was mentor to and also happened to be his former childhood classmate and community neighbor in the district. Coriolanus Snow was sent into the arena to coax Sejanus out. Snow was successful, but as they left the arena, they were first attacked by the District 8 male tribute, Bobbin. When he was killed, Coral pursued them, along with Mizzen and Tanner, and they were able to severely injure the mentors.

On the second day of the Games, she, Mizzen, and Tanner teamed up once more to kill Sol, the female tribute from District 5, and Lamina, the female tribute from District 7. The alliance chased Sol until Coral speared Sol's throat with a trident.[5]

When they targeted Lamina on the third day, Lamina initially choose to target Coral after seeing both tributes from District 4 climb up the beams towards her, but she missed Coral and, seeing that she was hindered, decided to turn to Mizzen instead. After leaving Mizzen dangling precariously on a beam, Lamina turned back to Coral, but by this time Coral was prepared to attack, having easily snatched the trident Tanner had thrown her. After a few blocked jabs, Coral thrust her trident into Lamina's body, and Lamina fell off the beam on which she was standing. On the ground, Tanner rejoiced over Lamina's death, but as he turned to congratulate Mizzen, Coral killed him with a trident. She then bandaged Mizzen's knee, and they headed back into the tunnels.[6]


When Dr. Gaul released snake mutts into the arena to punish them for Gaius Breen's death, which had come about due to rebel bombings, dozens of them attacked Coral, and one dangled from her arm. Even as she shook it off, more mutts swarmed around her, and she died shortly thereafter. Pink, yellow, and blue streaked her body as bright pus came out of her wounds.[7]


A coral is a hard marine invertebrate that forms coral reefs in the ocean. Corals are comprised of calcium carbonate.


  • Coral and Mizzen may have started the alliance with Tanner to specifically kill Lamina because three people had to block all of her exits.
  • Coral is implied to be a strong tribute, as only she, Tanner, Reaper, and Jessup retrieved weapons from the weapons pile at the start of the Games.
  • Coral has the most kills along with Lucy Gray, with three. (Sol, Lamina, and Tanner)


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