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| appearance=[[The Hunger Games (film)|''The Hunger Games'' film]], [[Catching Fire (film)|''The Hunger Games: Catching Fire'']]
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The '''Control Room''' is where the main events of the [[Hunger Games (event)|Hunger Games]] are controlled and headed , such as the [[Chariot rides|chariot rides]], the [[interviews]], and the [[training scores]]. The Hunger Games are operated by the [[Gamemaker|Gamemakers]] from this room. From here they monitor each [[tribute]]'s status and location, and decide who to focus on for the cameras. They can alter the [[arena]] environment by changing the time of day as it appears to the tributes,altering the temperature inside the arena, adding [[muttation|muttations]], starting natural disasters, etc.
[[File:SenecaControlRoom.jpg|thumb|Seneca Crane viewing the Games through the control room.]]The Control Room is seen in [[The Hunger Games Movie|''The Hunger Games'' film]] at various points before and during the [[74th Hunger Games]], most commonly when Head Gamemaker, [[Seneca Crane]] directs his subordinates.
In the film, the Control Room consists of a large holographic view of the arena, with two semicircles of seated Gamemakers and tables on both sides. They have holographic screens in front of them through which they view and control the arena. The room has blue, futuristic lighting.
== Catching Fire[[Category:The Capitol]] ==
In the film version of Catching Fire, a different control room is shown to that in the first film. The room is almost identical in layout, with the addition of an office for the head gamemaker, [[Plutarch Heavensbee]] on the upper level.

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