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Combat is the strategic approach where tributes try to eliminate each other through very primitive means - physical violence. The Cornucopia bloodbath, at the beginning of the Hunger Games, is the best example. Combat is divided into two classifications: melee and projectile, and also divided in two sub-classifications: armed and hand-to-hand.

Melee weapons

Melee weapons are weapons that can be used in fighting in close or short-ranges. In the 74th Hunger Games, many tributes gathered melee weapons which they fought for at the Cornucopia. The District 7 female got an axe, District 4 female got a serrated sword before leaving the axe which she got from the District 7 female, Thresh ran away from the cornucopia with his crescent sword, Cato got many melee weapons; scythe, which he replaced with a machete, and got a sword. The District 7 male also got an axe, but got killed by Clove's throwing knife that she threw at him. Katniss Everdeen did get a knife, but from Clove. During the 75th Hunger Games (3rd Quarter Quell), some victors managed to escape from the bloodbath with melee weapons. Such as Enobaria, getting a sword by slashing it to Cecelia. Johanna Mason got an axe, Gloss got a knife (though in the film it was seen that Cashmere carried a knife when she went to attack Katniss).

Examples of melee weapons are swords, trident (can be also a projectile one), knives, sickle, machete, and scythes.

Projectile weapons

Projectile weapons are used to fight at long ranges. In the 74th Hunger Games, the notable tributes who used projectile weapons were Glimmer (bow and arrows, when she died, her weapons were taken by Katniss), Marvel (spear), Clove (throwing knives), District 3 male (spear, although, he did use the mines), Rue (slingshot, although it wasn't shown in the film), Peeta Mellark (spear) who used a spear while he was in the Career pack, and Katniss (bow and arrow) who got to her specialty weapon after she dropped a tracker jacker nest onto the Careers.

Examples of projectile weapons are bow and arrow, spear, slingshot, spear, trident, throwing knives, and axes. There are also weapons that can be used for melee and projectile combat.


  • In the 74th Hunger Games, Rue died due to a spear from Marvel, and Marvel was killed by an arrow to his heart by Katniss. Cato was finished off by Katniss with an arrow.
  • During the 75th Hunger Games, tributes knew that the Cornucopia only had weapons in it. Many projectile and several melee. During the games, the District 5 male was one of the 2 tributes who got killed by both projectile and melee weapons (trident) with Cashmere by Johanna's axe (although in the film, it was seen that the tribute Peeta fights with wasn't killed by Finnick's trident, instead, he was killed by either drowning in the water or by Peeta himself).