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Castor was from the Capitol and worked as a cameraman who filmed Katniss in District 13's propos for the rebels. He worked alongside his brother, Pollux, and is directed by Cressida and her assistant Messalla. Together, the four of them form the TV crew.

After Pollux was made an Avox and had to work in the utility pipes and passages under the Capitol for five years, Castor was able to buy Pollux's way above ground.


When Katniss's sharpshooter squad, Squad 451, is selected for a mission to go to the Capitol, the TV crew comes along as well to continue to film propos for the war. During their mission when they are underground, their team is attacked by white lizard muttations. However a large group of mutts got him while he was running leading to Castor's death.

Castor filming katniss when she sang "The Hanging Tree"

Physical description

Castor was described as a burly man with sandy hair, a red beard, blue eyes, and close-bitten nails. He resembled his brother, Pollux.


  • Castor and Pollux owe their names to twin brothers in Greek and Roman mythology. The myth states that they had the same mother, Leda, but different fathers (Tyndareus and Zeus, respectively). This technically made Castor mortal and Pollux immortal. Fittingly, like their mythological namesakes, Pollux lives, whilst Castor dies.
    • However, in ancient Rome, there was a man called Castor. He was married to Livilla, daughter of Antonia, granddaughter of Octavia. Octavia was the sister of Rome's first emperor: Augustus.
    • His death can be only be seen in the extended version.

Castor's Death portrait