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The Capitol was noted to contain the most powerful and wealthy families in all of Panem. Commonly, the Capitol citizens had inherited their wealth from the work of generations from their respective ancestors. These families were the most elite and high class of all of Panem citizens and were known to greatly influence the future of the nation, as they had helped found and create the Capitol itself.


A select minority of Capitol citizens were noted to be "old money", that is, they inherited their wealth rather than earned it. The term described the most elite people's maintenance of wealth and power over multiple generations, reflecting on the lifestyles of Capitol citizens. Capitol families with "old money" used their own assets and money to prevent the family from descending into the lower class, as shown with the Snow family: as their assets were destroyed in District 13, the family descended into poverty and struggle despite living in the most opulent apartment building in the Capitol.[1] Many Capitol citizens also lived in apartments, including the Snows, Cranes, Creeds and Dolittles.

Although all citizens of the Capitol were of higher class, the most elite of the Capitol families would have avoxes attend to them alongside maids and servants. The Plinth family had personal Avox drivers[2] whilst the Snow family had cooks prior to the First Rebellion.[3] The wealthiest would also have many exclusive privileges such as entering the amphitheater in a private entrance away from the crowd.[4]

Elite Capitol citizens partying at the 74th Hunger Games Victory Tour.

The most powerful and wealthy citizens resided on the Corso, a palatial and grand residence with a wide avenue made of marble and granite.[1] This was where the Crane, Dolittle, Snow and Plinth families resided. Snow mentioned that the Plinths' move to the apartments at the Corso 'solidified their status,' as some of the most elite families of the Capitol.[5] The children of these families would attend the Academy, an elite secondary school.

Families of the elite would also converse with one another exclusively, as the Snow and Crane family were included in a group containing the "old guard of the elite", from the Capitol. As such, some of the most highest status would form exclusive groups and raise their children together, as with Arachne Crane, Coriolanus Snow and Tigris.[6]

Snow family

The Snow family was exceptionally popular within the Capitol, as it was huge news when Coriolanus Snow was revealed with the tributes of the 10th Hunger Games in the cages.[7] They were a well-known and rich family that owned a complex network of factories and research facilities in District 13. However, as this was their only set of assets as when the facilities were destroyed, the family was thrown into poverty.[1] Eventually, despite their poverty after the First Rebellion, the Snow family effectively inherited the wealth of the Plinths',[8] cementing their status as the most elite Capitol family and giving rise to Snow's pathway to power and presidency. They were also a part of an "old guard of the elite", including the Cranes and Creeds.[6]

The descendants of Coriolanus Snow including his granddaughters.

Notable members:

  • Snow's grandfather - The government gave Grandma'am a tiny military pension for his service to Panem.[1]
  • Grandma'am - The patriotic grandmother of Coriolanus who had 'lost touch with reality.'[1]
  • Crassus Xanthos Snow - Father of Coriolanus Snow and military general killed in the First Rebellion. Coerced Casca Highbottom into creating the Hunger Games and giving the idea as an assignment to Dr. Gaul during his time at the Academy.[8]
  • Snow's mother - Died during childbirth of her second child.[9]
  • Coriolanus Snow - Mentor of Lucy Gray Baird during the 10th Hunger Games and President of Panem.
  • Snow's little sister - Died during her birth.[9]
  • Tigris' mother - Had a ratty fur coat that bought Tigris comfort. Died sometime before the establishment of the Hunger Games.[10]
  • Tigris - A stylist for the earlier editions of the Games, later a part of an underground rebel group in the Capitol.[11]
  • Snow's son/son in law
  • Snow's daughter/daughter in law
  • Snow's older granddaughter
  • Snow's younger granddaughter

Plinth family

The Plinth family were natives of District 2, and had gathered their wealth by profiting off of the First Rebellion, as Strabo Plinth had worked to manufacture weapons and machinery, concentrating on munitions. His act of siding with President Ravinstill and the Capitol alongside their newfound wealth gave them a life in the Capitol. 10 years after the end of the First Rebellion, they moved into the Corso given to the most elite families, cementing their high status.[1] After the death of Sejanus Plinth, the poverty-stricken Snow family conveniently inherited their wealth instead.

Notable members:

  • Strabo Plinth - Wealthy tycoon in the munitions industry. He used his power and influence to give his family a life of privilege within the Capitol.
  • Mrs. Plinth - The mother of Sejanus, also referred to as "Ma".[1]
  • Sejanus Plinth - Former close friend of Snow and rebel sympathizer. Mentor of Marcus, the District 2 male during the 10th Hunger Games.

Heavensbee family

Plutarch Heavensbee.

It was where most of the family's fortune was earned, but considering family members studied at the Academy, one had become a head Gamemaker[12], and the family had a hall in the Academy named after them, it can be presumed they were very wealthy and of high status in the Capitol. Furthermore, Snow mentioned that if a Capitol citizen were to rebuild a part of the Academy after the rebellion, they would expect to have it named after them.[1] As such, it's presumed that the family was rich enough to help fund the Heavensbee Hall to be reconstructed.

Notable members:

Flickerman family

The Flickermans were not known for their insane wealth, but for their occupation as bright and optimistic hosts, particularly for the Hunger Games.

Caesar Flickerman.

Notable members:

Ravinstill family

They had an exceptionally high status as one of their members was the President of Panem throughout the First Rebellion.

Notable members:

Crane family

They amassed their wealth through assets in the transportation and travel industry. Arachne had mentioned that they had assets of hotels in District 10 and regularly visited the district.[15] Arachne was infamously killed before the 10th Hunger Games by her tribute, Brandy. Despite the First Rebellion and the death of Arachne, they had been presumed to remain of high status, as a family member became a future head Gamemaker. They were also relatively close to the Snow family, as they were a part of that exclusive group and had resided in the Corso, opposite that of the Snow's penthouse.[6]

Notable members:

  • Arachne's brother - Graduated at the academy a year earlier than the 10th Hunger Games.
  • Arachne Crane - Mentor of Brandy, had her throat slit by her tribute when she taunted her with a sandwich. Her funeral was heavily televised.[6]
  • Seneca Crane - Head Gamemaker for the 72nd to 74th Hunger Games. Was executed by Snow.

Creed family

Was considered old Capitol money of which most of their fortune was amassed from timber within District 7. They were considered as part of Snow and Crane's inner circle. Though the family was hit back by the First Rebellion, they bounced back during the reconstruction period.[15]

Notable members:

  • Festus Creed - Mentor of Coral, the District 4 female during the 10th Hunger Games.[7] Was raised alongside Coriolanus and Arachne since birth and was a friend of Coriolanus.[15]

Price family

Had gathered their wealth from the railroad industry and was affected terribly by the First Rebellion, so much so that they had resorted to cannibalism. They were of incredibly high status as they lived in the Corso.

Notable members:

Moss family

Had amassed their wealth in the agriculture department and controlled the flow of food within Panem.[16]

Notable members:

Phipps family

A founding family of the Capitol.

Notable members:

Sickle family

It's unknown where the fortune of the family was amassed from, but the known family members are noted to be competitive.[14]

Notable members:

Dolittle family

They lived in the apartment below the Snows in the Corso, as such it’s presumed they were of high status and wealth in the Capitol, although they sold their residence to the Plinths after the 10th Hunger Games.[8]

Notable members:

Whimsiwick family

The Whimsiwicks were known to have assets within District 10, particularly with livestock. Specifically, they gained their living and profits off of dairy, with Snow describing Domitia as the "dairy heiress".[14]

Notable members:

Vickers family

The parents of Lysistrata were noted to be physicians for President Ravinstill throughout the First Rebellion.[4] Snow mentioned that the Vickers family generally didn’t call attention to themselves, something that he personally respected.[18]

Notable members:



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