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The Capitol Zoo is located in The Capitol. Before the Dark Days, the Capitol Zoo was full of many types of animals from "the Capitol's genetic ark."[1] After the First Rebellion, many of the enclosures were left empty, ravaged by the war. Few animals remained, such as a lone tortoise and a bedraggled toucan.

Following the First Rebellion, the zoo was infested by rats. In order to try to control the problem, the Peacekeepers guarding the zoo were supplied with rat poison. The rats, however, were smart and wouldn't go anywhere near the stuff.[2] Coriolanus Snow later gave Lucy Gray Baird his mother's compact, which she used to smuggle the rat poison into the Capitol Arena.[3]

Use in the 10th Hunger Games

The tributes for the 10th Hunger Games were brought to the Capitol Zoo upon arrival to the Capitol. They were dropped through a chute into the monkey enclosure and held here until the Games began.[4]

Capitol citizens were encouraged to come see the tributes, as if they were zoo animals. After Coriolanus Snow made a scene by riding with the tributes to the zoo, and being dropped into the cage with them, he encouraged citizens to come visit the tribute he was mentoring, Lucy Gray.[5]

After this, Capitol citizens frequented the zoo, bringing food and water for the tributes, feeding them like animals through the enclosure bars. Initially, many of the tributes were hesitant to accept food. However, after the urging of Lucy Gray and Coriolanus, many of them grew comfortable enough to.[1] Many citizens visited the zoo, but the tributes remained underfed and mistreated. However, after Coriolanus brought up the issue to Satyria Click, the tributes were fed bread and cheese.[6]

One day, Arachne Crane taunted her tribute, Brandy, with a sandwich. This angered Brandy, and she killed Arachne with Arachne's own knife.[7] This incident caused mass panic, and Peacekeepers were to guard the zoo from then on. Coriolanus had to be given permission from Dr. Gaul just to see his tribute, Lucy Gray Baird.[2]


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