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Brandy was the female tribute from District 10 who was reaped to participate in the 10th Hunger Games. She had spent her life butchering hogs.


Brandy grew up in District 10, spending most of her time butchering hogs, as the district's main industry is livestock. She became her district's female tribute after the Reaping for the 10th Hunger Games.[1]

Along with the other tributes, Brandy was taken to the Capitol in a dirty cattle car. From there, they were dumped into the monkey house at the Capitol Zoo.[2] During the first mentor-tribute meeting, Brandy told her mentor, Arachne Crane, of her life in District 10. Arachne was disgusted at first, though she later realized she could come up with something using her knowledge of the district from previous visits there.[2]


Brandy died two days after the reaping, on July 6th. Arachne brought the starved Brandy a sandwich in the zoo, but instead of handing it over, she lectured her and taunted the tribute for the spectating Capitol citizens. However, Brandy grabbed the handle of Arachne's own knife and leaned forward to slit Arachne's throat.[3]

After the mentor dropped the sandwich and Coriolanus Snow arrived in a futile attempt to help Arachne, Brandy retrieved the sandwich and took a furious bite before being gunned down by Peacekeepers. Brandy was the first of the tributes to die, before the Hunger Games had even begun. Sejanus Plinth was seen sprinkling breadcrumbs over her body, as was tradition in District 2, before being pulled away by a Peacekeeper.[1]

During Arachne's funeral, Brandy's bullet-ridden body was hoisted high in the air by a crane affixed to a truck, where the remaining tributes were shackled.[4]


Brandy's name comes from the term branding, the method of marking livestock with a seal to identify their ownership.


  • Brandy is the first tribute to die, though not due to the Hunger Games.


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