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Bonnie was a girl from District 8. Along with Twill, she ran away from her district after the uprising in search of District 13. During their journey, the two of them were found in the woods of District 12 by Katniss Everdeen.[1]


In District 8, Bonnie attended school and was taught by Twill. Right after school, she worked a 4-hour shift on the loading dock at a factory where they made Peacekeeper uniforms. She spent months securing two uniforms that were intended for Twill and her husband to escape in when it was time.

Once the uprising in District 8 began, the district appeared to be under rebel control, until the Capitol deployed Peacekeepers "by the thousands" to take back the district. The rebels were beaten down and defeated. As punishment, as well as to regain order in the district, the Capitol placed a full lockdown state on District 8 for approximately one week, with no food or coal. Finally, when they were allowed to go back to work, Bonnie and Twill were late getting from the school to the factory after being unable to cross a bombed street. The factory was bombed before they arrived, killing Twill's husband and Bonnie's entire family, but leaving the two of them alive.

Bonnie and Twill disguised themselves in the Peacekeeper's uniforms, Bonnie taking the one meant for Twill's husband, and they boarded a boxcar headed to District 6. After fleeing the train, they traveled on foot to the woods surrounding District 12. However, Bonnie twisted her ankle there, which made them stop and forced her to use a branch as a crutch.

There, they met Katniss Everdeen. The two of them informed Katniss that they intended to go to District 13, because they believed there were others there who supported the rebellion. While in the cement shack, Katniss offered Bonnie a cheese bun, and she replied, "Is this all for me?" This reminded Katniss of Rue in the arena, when they were eating groosling drumsticks. As they made tea, Bonnie and Twill informed Katniss about their story and were taught survival skills.[1]

In Mockingjay, Bonnie and Twill did not make it to District 13, so their fates are unknown, but Katniss assumed that they had died.[2]

Physical appearance

Bonnie looked about Katniss's age in Catching Fire. She had a strawberry birthmark over one of her chocolate brown eyes and had very pale skin. Bonnie had a slight frame and was seen wearing an ill-fitting Peacekeeper's uniform several sizes too large.[1]


  • Bonnie and Twill do not appear in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire film.
    • Bonnie and Twill were removed from the film adaptation of Catching Fire as the filmmakers did not want to spoil the ending of the movie and the plot of Mockingjay for audiences who hadn't read the books.


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