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"But that’s not going to happen under my watch, Soldier Everdeen. I’m planning for you to have a long life. Because you've earned it."
―Boggs to Katniss Everdeen[src]

Boggs was President Coin's second-in-command. When Katniss Everdeen assumed the role of the Mockingjay, he became her protector.


Working with the Mockingjay

Boggs was working as President Coin's second-in-command and was like a puppet to her. When Katniss fled the room after seeing Peeta Mellark's interview in the Capitol, Boggs tried to stop her. However, Gale Hawthorne got in his way and was caught in the nose by Boggs' elbow.[1] During a meeting Haymitch Abernathy had organized, Boggs was one of the first to speak up about a moment when Katniss had moved him.

Boggs was assigned to guard Katniss while she filmed propos, and they planned to go to District 8 for their first shoot. After their run-in with Finnick Odair in his underwear shortly before leaving, Katniss decided she liked Boggs.[2]

When they arrived at District 8, they went to one of the hospitals and decided to comfort some of the patients. Boggs kept a close eye on Katniss and made sure nothing happened to her. When the Capitol attacked the hospital, Boggs tried to get Katniss to safety, but she and Gale climbed up to fight, and Gale broke Boggs' nose with his boot.[3]

When the attack was over and Katniss made a brief speech, Boggs carried Katniss back to the hovercraft, and they returned to District 13 to receive medical treatment. The group met in the command room and discussed the complete propo. After they finished, they decided to allow Katniss go back in combat and shoot more propos when she had fully recovered. Boggs spoke with the head of the rebellion to discuss more topics and objectives they had to deal with.[4]

Boggs assisted the head of the rebellion in evacuating the entire district to safe bunkers after Peeta warned them of the bombing on District 13 by the Capitol.[5] Boggs, Katniss, Gale and the others resurfaced to the heavily damaged remains to shoot more propagandas, but Katniss and Finnick broke down after being unable to take it. Boggs and President Coin formed a rescue team that he would lead to save Peeta, Johanna Mason, Enobaria, and Annie Cresta from the Capitol.[6] Later, Boggs knocked Peeta out after he tried to strangle Katniss upon his return.[7]

He went with them to District 2 and entered the Nut with them to meet Lyme. The group argued over the idea of bombing The Nut while it was filled with people, and Boggs gave them the choice of blowing them up or giving them a chance of escape. He also updated them of Peeta's condition after they retreated to the Justice Building.[8]

Boggs was the leader of Squad 451, the sharpshooter's squad, and went with them to the Capitol. The group trained and filmed for the propaganda. When Leeg 2 was killed by a pod, Peeta was sent as a replacement.[9] Katniss spoke with Boggs about this, and he pointed out that Katniss would be a big vote for whoever would be the new leader of Panem.[10]


"Don't trust them. Don't go back. Kill Peeta. Do what you came to do."
―Boggs' last words[src]

Boggs' corpse in a street

As the Star Squad cleared a street of pods, Boggs accidentally stepped back onto a tile and had his legs blown off by a mine pod.[10] Within a building, as they shelter from the effects of yet another pod, Boggs transferred the Holo over to Katniss' control. He also warned her not to trust them, and encouraged her to continue on her mission to assassinate President Snow. Although Katniss never found out who he was referring to in regards to not trusting "them", it was most likely President Coin and her supporters. Boggs died from blood loss, and his corpse was left behind when the Star Squad moves on. The Peacekeepers found his body, and before realizing what had really happened, they thought that the others must also be dead.[11]


Although a high-ranking member of District 13's government, and a close associate of President Alma Coin, Boggs was a sympathetic individual and was far from entirely agreeing with Coin and her lust for power. Rather, Boggs was shown to have a huge respect for Katniss Everdeen, in his willingness to lay down his life to protect her. Just before succumbing to his injuries, Boggs warned Katniss not to trust "them", most likely referring to President Coin and her allies.[11]

Physical description

He was in his mid-forties, with close cropped gray hair and blue eyes. He was also noted as having incredible posture.[2]

However, in the film, he was bald with brown eyes.[12][13]


  • Boggs had a young son that lived in District 13.[2]


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2



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