NotTheTpotRcs lol NotTheTpotRcs lol 16 days ago


:P I exist. That’s all I need to say.

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Violet Baudelaireo9 Violet Baudelaireo9 14 April

Who Is The Best superhero?

Who's The best Superhero from DC ? Choose from the ones below:

- Wonder Woman

- Supergirl

- Flash

- Katana

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PeachyPinkie PeachyPinkie 21 March

Welcome to The 106th Annual Hunger Games!

(Just want to point out for those who may get confused, basically this takes place after the second rebellion where the Capitol was able to defeat the rebels completely and take district thirteen in the process and in the years following, district twelve was rebuilt and districts fourteen, that makes medicines, and fifteen, that makes metal, where founded, leading to there now being )

"Welcome! Welcome to The 106th Annual Hunger Games! I'm your host Claudia Weathergreen and we have quite the line up this year ladies and gentlemen, all thirty tributes from the fifteen districts of Panem in the arena to fight for the honour of becoming a Victor and bringing pride to their district! Now before we proceed with the games, let's take a look back …

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Undercover in Panem

Hi guys! This is my first (actual) blog post. My other one was just a practise :) I hope you enjoy. I will try to update when I can! This one is about a girl from Egypt who is sent to Panem to spy on each district and report back to the government.

Chapter 1: I sat by the river that ended the world. The war my ancestors fought was brutal. It started with a war over water from the Nile between Egypt and Ethiopia. Once the US bombed Ethiopia, England and France agreed to unite Europe to bomb the USA. Eventually, the USA became isolated from the rest of the world. The ice of the north Pole melted, flooding most of Asia, and most of the Japanese had to move to Korea. China invaded Russia, England flooded, and then later an ice age came which wi…

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LegitFangirl LegitFangirl 12 February

Just me!

Hello everyone! I am a long time fangirl, but I just discovered FANDOM. If you have any tips or tricks on how to use this web plz share!

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HeirsOfTheNightSuperfan HeirsOfTheNightSuperfan 2 February

Profile pic.

Hi hi hi!!!!!

I'm HeirsOfTheNightSuperFan, but please call me Lulu or HOTNLulu!!!

This is my first blog post and it's here to say that I'm going to be changing my profile pic daily from now on.

Sorry if this is a misuse of a blog post - I don't know how this works yet but plz tell me if anything's wrong!

Thx 4 reading!


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TheBenchwarmers TheBenchwarmers 31 January

The 37th Hunger Games

  • 1 Tributes and Mentors
    • 1.1 Tributes
    • 1.2 Tribute Gallery
    • 1.3 Mentors
    • 1.4 Mentor Gallery
  • 2 Game Statistics
    • 2.1 Alliances
    • 2.2 Training Scores
    • 2.3 Capitol Favortism

Male (Age)
Female (Age)
Nyle Silvius (17)
Celestte Maxwell (17)
Bow & Arrows
Rome Vallin (18)
Throwing Axe
Blaze Callus (15)
Serrated Sword
Bison Gregs (14)
Emery Fink (17)
Sakhalin Albyn (17)
Samantha Mycaulk (16)
Vision Renae (14)
Molotov Cocktail
Echo Tirane (18)
Quartz Narim (17)
Remi Kane (14)
Throwing Knives
Lamar Choppal (17)
Scalpel Chain
Alice Ulises (14)
Cobalt Jordan (16)
Wisteria Sharadin (15)
Ninja Stars
Anders Anthony (14)
Bow & Arrows
Vixen Hera (13)…

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LunaUwU4 LunaUwU4 24 January

Info about: the hunger games (English)

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GlimmerIsMyFaveCareer GlimmerIsMyFaveCareer 16 January

~The first Rebellion~

Hi guys! This is my first blog post on a wiki ever. If I break any rules, please tell me and I will delete the blog post immediately. This story is set during the first rebellion, in the perspective of the president, Ornia Coin. She has recently begun the rebellion. I will be adding to the story on weekends, mostly. Enjoy!

The corpses of peacekeepers were sticking out of the snow that made district thirteen so cold. It was nothing compared to those people's hearts. We may have killed them, but we were certainly the victims. Driven mad by evil, strict "peace" keepers. After the great war, which killed so many of the people from all continents, all that remained was Panem. A place that was better off run by the people than the power. After th…

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Clarissa Tris Stewart Clarissa Tris Stewart 28 December 2020

My favourite books

Hey guys, I‘m just gonna post my favourite books and favourite characters from those.

Harry Potter⚡️ => Hermione Granger, Sirius Black, Nymphadora Tonks

The Darkest Minds❤️🧡💛💚💙=> Liam Stewart, Vida Bautista, Cole Stewart

Divergent🔥=> Tris Prior, Lynn, Tobias Eaton

The Mortal Instrument🗡=> Isabelle Lightwood, Jace “Wayland“, Maia Roberts

The Hunger Games🏹=> Katniss Everdeen, Rue, Johanna Mason

The Hate U Give✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽=> Starr Carter, Kenya, Seven Carter

One of Us is Lying📚👠⚾️🚬=> Bronwyn Rojas, Addy Prentiss, Maeve Rojas

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Finnick's child Finnick's child 18 December 2020

Never thought about it but...

but... when Katniss gets stung by the tracker jacker on her knee, it's the opposite of the leg with the burn. The author said that when Rue put the leaves on her sting, Katniss had to roll up her pant leg. How did the tracker jacker sting her?

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Finnick's child Finnick's child 18 December 2020

Awesome Video

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Finnick's child Finnick's child 18 December 2020

Hunger Games

I just read the hunger games series for the sixth time! Hoping I'll get the movies for Christmas. Can't believe the removed Madge from the movies.

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Minecrafter3113 Minecrafter3113 17 December 2020

94th Hunger Games Fanfiction

Hi! This is my first Hunger Games story, and I hope you like it!

  • 1 Tributes
  • 2 Arena
  • 3 Twist
  • 4 The Games

To submit a tribute, fill out this!





Strategy & Weapons (optional):

Additional Info (optional):

Note: Please make your tributes interesting! But not full on insane. I don't want vampires and half-tigers.

District 1: ??? and ???

District 2: ??? and ???

District 3: Orion Tekno and Katrina Wirewood. (Minecrafter3113)

District 4: ??? and ???

District 5: ??? and ???

District 6: Acorn Fields and Aurora Rose. (Jabberjay78)

District 7: ??? and ???

District 8: ??? and ???

District 9: ??? and ???

District 10: ??? and ???

District 11: ??? and ???

District 12: ??? and ???

Pretty normal, a giant forest with a large lake and a couple of cliffs. Lots of…

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Divergentgladerfromdistrict12 Divergentgladerfromdistrict12 10 December 2020

Hunger games fan fiction chapters 1-5

  • 1 -> Chapter 1      
  • 2  ->   Chapter 2  
  • 3        ->Chapter 3
  • 4         ->    Chapter 4
  • 5          ->    Chapter 5         

     The call   (katniss)      


It was the day we all dreaded….. The Reaping. Snow thinks that the Reaping should be a reminder that the Capitol is always in charge.

“Ugh, how do you live like this?” Glimmer says wrinkling her nose at the smell.

“We fend for ourselves….” I said blankly.

“Yeah, some of us have to find our own food,” says FoxFace. Glimmer just rolls her eyes.

“I call that TORTURE!!!!” Glimmer yells.

“Well of course you think so… you’ve never had to hunt. That's why in the 74th  hunger games  you were so bad with a bow…..” I  said.

“Humph…” Glimmer puffed.

“What?? I'm not wrong!!!!”  I  laughed.

“She’s not wrong..” said F…

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YourLocalCrazyRavenclaw YourLocalCrazyRavenclaw 7 December 2020

Ocean Eyes

Hi there! Ocean Eyes is a AU if Finnick had lived, but Cressida had died :(. It follows when Annie was reaped and how she won until the epilogue of Mockingjay, but in Annie's perspective, and Finnick's alive.

Chapter One:

Her eyes were like cut pieces of glass. They shimmered like the pools of water that laced the edges of District 4.

I take a deep breath, about to cry. I can even feel the fresh water pooling out of my eyes, and it's a bitter slap in the face. Today's reaping day, and well, I don't want to go. This year, I hope the Academy kids go. They have the best chance of winning for all of us. I step out of my house and inhale the sweet air of the sea. My home's close to the sea, and I wake up to this sight of beauty every day. Calmly, I …

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Katnisseverdeenperson12 Katnisseverdeenperson12 4 December 2020

Chapters 4-7!!!!!!


  • 1     ->    Chapter 4
  • 2          ->    Chapter 5         
  • 3           ->  Chapter 6
  • 4                  ->  Chapter 7


I then woke up in my bed. I got up to look in the mirror. My cheek was scratched and red. Wow Foxy has sharp nails, I thought. So I looked in my closet and saw all of Cinna's clothes.

For some reason, I just fell to the floor and started crying. Then Glimmer came in.

“Oh, are you upset?” she said, frankly she sounded stupid.


“Cinna.” she said blankly like she had no interest in caring..

“I’m sorry….” she continued.

“GO AWAY!!!! OR ELSE!!!!” I screamed as I picked up my bow and arrow.

“O-K, sorry, jeese.” …

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Sophie inglis Sophie inglis 30 November 2020


This is a test blog!

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Katnisseverdeenperson12 Katnisseverdeenperson12 29 November 2020

my HG fan fiction!!!

     The call   (katniss)      


It was the day we all dreaded….. The Reaping. Snow thinks that the Reaping should be a reminder that the Capitol is always in charge.

“Ugh, how do you live like this?” Glimmer says wrinkling her nose at the smell.

“We fend for ourselves….” I said blankly.

“Yeah, some of us have to find our own food.” says FoxFace. Glimmer just rolls her eyes.

“I call that TORTURE!!!!” Glimmer yells.

“Well of course you think so… you’ve never had to hunt. That's why in the 74th  hunger games  you were so bad with a bow…..” I  said.

“Humph…” Glimmer puffed.

We decided to eat at Greasy Sae's because I wanted to support her. I know I have like, all the food in the world, but she doesn't. So we go to her stall and order some beef …

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Fliptastic204 Fliptastic204 22 November 2020

among us but its hunger games 1.

Crewmates - Coin, Snow, Katniss, Gale, Peeta, Delly, Madge, Marvel.

Imposters - Rue, Prim

Map - Skeld

Game Starts

Katniss: Prim, Rue lets stick together.

Rue: Ok then:

Prim: Sorry sis (kills Katniss)

Rue: What did you do

Prim: I had to I cant trust her when we both are imposters quick lets get away.

Rue: Ok

Vent to Admin

Gale: Hey i saw u I'm gonna report you.

Peeta: Ok lets go/

Prim (kills Gale)

Rue (kills Peeta)

Prim: Lets go to Electrical

Rue: Ok

In Electrical Coin and Snow are there.

Rue ( About to kill snow then Katniss' body is reported.


Madge: Katniss' body is at emergency button. Delly was being sus so i went to call emergency meeting.

Delly: How am I sus

Madge: You are following me

Delly: Because I've done all my tasks. (squeaky voice)

Rue: Prim,…

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Fliptastic204 Fliptastic204 2 November 2020

among us hugner games

Hunger Games but its among us prequel

Please Welcome our Host Ceaser Flickerman

Ceaser: we have got a big competition for you today it is AMong us. The game consists of a team of crewmates doing tadsks and trying to find the imposter among them if they sucessfully vote the imposter out they win and get a point if they dont the iimposters win and get a point. ALl of these points will be put on an official leaderboard tally and after a few weeks thehighest scorer will be the champion and take home the GOLDEN CREWMATE.

Ceaser: Lets not waste any time and get onto meeting our 16 contestants

  1. Katniss Everdeen
  2. Primrose Eveden
  3. Rue
  4. Peeta Mellark
  5. Gale Hawthorne
  6. Coriolanus Snow
  7. Casca Highbottom
  8. Alma Coin
  9. Volumnia Gaul
  10. Beetee Latier
  11. Finnick O'dair
  12. Annie Cresta
  13. Delly …
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Bookdog11 Bookdog11 27 October 2020


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GlitterButtTheQueen GlitterButtTheQueen 21 October 2020

I'm Just Clicking things.

Ok You guys. Comment Your fave Book! Mine is Keeper of the lost cities. Also I'm new here so please explain things to me. I'm lost.

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Sokeefe is my World Sokeefe is my World 17 October 2020

I’ve been thinking

What time do you think the Hunger Games would be? I know it’s in the future, but it’s hard to tell of when.🤔

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TheDragRaceStan TheDragRaceStan 13 October 2020

LB2020's Tributes

Day Killed
5, 8th Place
11, 13



N/A, Victor

N/A, Victor

4, 17th Place

4, 13, 1





N/A, Victor

N/A, Mentor (sponsor)

N/A, Games suspended

5, 5th Place (Eliminated, not killed)

1, 24th Place



N/A, Victor

7, 4th Place



N/A, Victor

2, 13th Place

77th Hunger Games is Hunger games: All Stars 1

76th games shares format of Reaping: The Arena (2018) however with death.

12 ex hunger games cast members battle (*not literally) it out for 25'000$


1st (11)

Mentor (74)

Games ended (75)

TBA (76)



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Cwagungood Cwagungood 29 September 2020

Suzanne Collins' Warning to the Modern U.S.

I never heard of or read The Hunger Games before 2012. Like most middle schoolers back then, I heard about it from my friends. Although I hated reading, my friends convinced me to read the first book before the movie came out. I knew nothing other than the premise of kids killing each other for sport, and that a girl volunteered for her sister. At the time, my mother was against the idea. She knew nothing about the story either, but was convinced that it was too gory for a twelve-year-old boy to read at the time. Like any protective mother, she encouraged me to ask her questions about the material, worried about how it could affect my young mind. Like everyone else, once I started reading, I couldn't stop. I had to know what happened next. …

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CapitolRecords CapitolRecords 11 September 2020

81st Annual Tributes

  • 1 81st Annual Tributes 
  • 2 Charriot Ride
  • 3 Training
  • 4 Scores

Appearacne/ Abillites

Blonde snow hair, Baby blue eyes and short

Good close range fighter, Fist user and dagger.


Brown Hair, Gold Green eyes, Tall and muscular.

Axe user, aggresive fist fighter(can kill with hands)


Dark Hair, Dark Eyes, Tall and built

Fast attacker, Ruthless, Machete User.


Huge Built, Blonde and combed forward with gel, Blue eyes.

Good swimmer, Cold resistence, can cense, Uses a Falx


Short, Pale Black haor and green eyes.

Smart, Knowledge of healing


Fair skin, black hair, blue eyes, Has prostetic leg and has glasses.

Smart and careful

Anne Marie

Tall, blonde and green eyes.

Traps and uses a knife, Strong…

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CapitolRecords CapitolRecords 10 September 2020

Hunger Games History

  • 1                 The Uprsing.
    • 1.1 District 13
    • 1.2   
    • 1.3 The Future

After the 75th Annual Hunger Games, our nation went to a horrrible war. Making the games step down for a few years. They killed President Snow but they did not kill the capitol. As capitol citizens uprised as well making the Goverment strong with an iron fist, The Capital  captured all 12 districts again and forced them into a Annual Hunger Games, starting the games from where we left  even though there was a gap of years.

After a few years of The Annual Hunger Games, Distirct 13 tired to start another revolution, instead we broke our promise and capture them aswell making them them participate in the annual Hunger Games.  Making the 99th Annual Hunger Games the first time we see …

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TheDragRaceStan TheDragRaceStan 1 September 2020

The 75th Hunger Games Death Order My way

  • 1 Tributes
  • 2 Bloodbath
  • 3 Day 01
  • 4 Day 02
  • 5 Day 03
  • 6 Day 04 Last Day

Canon sans Peeta Mellark (Peeta's name was drawn and Haymitch volunteered)


District 8 Male & Female

District 7 Male

District 9 Female

Events: Haymitch, Katniss, D3 Male, Beetee (Volts), Wiress (Nuts), Mags and Johanna Mason all form an alliance. They join up with Finnick Odair around Day 3.



D2 Female

D11 Male & Female

D1 Male

Events: D3 Male joins the careers, Snow admits Peeta into the Games as a "Capitol Tribute" to distract Katniss. This causes Johanna and Peeta's deaths.


Captiol Tribute/District 12 Peeta Mellark (faked)

District 7 Johanna Mason

Finnick Odair joins the alliance and notices Peeta/Johanna's absences, Snow adds Primrose to the games as the second …

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AlphaRopesYT AlphaRopesYT 27 August 2020


Hi guys! this is just an anouncement that I just uploaded my discord!!! this is the link:

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Starwarsfan2525 Starwarsfan2525 24 August 2020

District 10 male (74)

Does anyone have any information on who killed the boy from district 10 in the 74th Hunger Games or did he die of natural causes? Can someone help me please 

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Starwarsfan2525 Starwarsfan2525 19 August 2020

74th Hunger Games, Tributes first and last names I created

So I decided to make up names for the tributes in the 74th Hunger Games. I either used the actor/actress's last name, there actual name, names people were calling them or names I made up! NOT CANON 

Glimmer- Glimmer Belcourt 

Marvel- Marvel Quaid

Cato- Cato Ludwig

Clove- Clove Kentwell

District 3 Male- Xavier Nelson

District 3 Female- Amber Scott

District 4 Male- Max Jamiesen

District 4 Female- Maple Maken

District 5 Male- Eric Johnson 

Foxface- Finch "foxface" Crossley 

District 6 Male- Jason Moio 

District 6 Female- Tamora Carter 

District 7 Female- Maple Hancock

District 7 Male- Kristof Ronon

District 8 Female- Marietta Lintz

District 8 Male Kyle Morgingston

District 9 Female- Annie Evans

District 9 Male- Rye Yepez

District 10 Male- Jeremy Maranez


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Totalescapetheisland Totalescapetheisland 17 August 2020

Victor's Story's

Disclaimer: These are just my perspectives on how victors won their games and none of these are cannon. Victors like Lucy Gray Baird, Haymitch Abernathy, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark will not be included as their games have been told already. 

  • 1 HG1 - Benton Loar
  • 2 HG2 - Alaric Broider
  • 3 HG3 - Remington Wilson
  • 4 HG4 - Rale Decan
  • 5 HG5 - Raymond Dexter
  • 6 HG6 - Dallas Thorn
  • 7 HG7 - Olivus Subreve
  • 8 HG8 - Masson Dule
  • 9 HG9 - Lumber Wilkes
  • 10 HG11 - Margaret "Mags" Flanagan
  • 11 HG12 - Mercedes Kara
  • 12 HG13 - Sol Ochabogge
  • 13 HG14 - Kina Deewane
  • 14 HG15 - Savver Nagia
  • 15 HG16 - Lex "Woof" Dontile
  • 16 HG17 - Amar Denature
  • 17 HG18 - Sully Sampson
  • 18 HG19 - Gunner Dawson
  • 19 HG20 - Sequoia Braveheart
  • 20 HG21 - Thornburrow Braveheart
  • 21 HG22 - Caspian Tahoe
  • 22 HG23 - France Abernet
  • 23 HG24 -…

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Makkapakka77 Makkapakka77 14 August 2020

Should we add new pages for unspecified victors?

On the credits for the cast of the Hunger games catching fire, here, it lists actors such as Kurt Bonatz and Berglind Jonsdittor as previous unknown victors from District 2. Although theres no pictures about them, the source seems reliable cause it lists Ron stafford and abigail jackson as victors from district 4 and 2 which is accurate. Should we make a new page for these victors?

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DrwuburnapIII DrwuburnapIII 18 July 2020

Another HG Naming Guide

  • 1 Capitol
  • 2 District 1
  • 3 District 2
  • 4 District 3
  • 5 District 4
  • 6 District 5
  • 7 District 6
  • 8 District 7
  • 9 District 8
  • 10 District 9
  • 11 District 10
  • 12 District 11
  • 13 District 12
  • 14 Ḑ̵̝͚̰̘̊i̵̢̡̛̤͇̰͓̤͚̪̦͈̲̳̩̹͆̽̑͘͘͝s̷̞̪̬̻̦͎̜̝̖͈͕̎̈́̓͛́͛̇̀̂͒̎͜͠ͅt̷͚͕̻̻̻̣͓̺̰̫͈̫̪̼̘̃r̷̾̌̅̄̋͜͝i̵̢͉͚͇̮͌̊́̃̃̓͊̋̈͒̃͘͘̕̚͜c̶̛̮̩̥̬̭̝̮͕̘̘̰͔̮͖͎͑̀̍̃̈̄̐ẗ̴̗̩̤̱͉̟̭́͂͋̒́͛̃ ̵͎̎̉̔1̴̨̪̻̦͉̳̬͕̰̗̮̮́̀̔̂̅͝3̵̺̯͚̤͖̟͎̹͉̱̎̎͊̽̂̌̑̊̿̃̄͝
  • 15 C̶̨͙̭̺̬̬̭̙̣̟͇̯͎̦͇͗́̄̑̈́̎͘o̸̻͙̓v̸̺͈̤̦͕̹̫̩̲̥̘͋̈́͛͗̌̀͊ḙ̵̻͕̣̈́̽͗̍̀̋̐̔́̂͂͋̚͠͝ý̴̧̨̰͈͓̦͈̥̞̫͖̬͕̼̮̀͝
  • 16 Surnames
  • 17 Notes

Canon Names:Agrippina,Androcles,Apollo,Arachne,Atala,Caesar,Casca,Castor,Cinna,Claudius,Clemensia, Coriolanus,Crassus,Cressida,Dennis,Diana,Domitia,Effie,Felix,Festus,Flavius,Florus,Fulvia,Gaius,Hilarius,Io, Iphigenia,Juno,Lepidius,Livia,Lucretius,Lysistrata,Messalla,Nero,Palmyra,Persephon…

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AbyssWing21001 AbyssWing21001 17 July 2020

Training center

Day 1:

Sickle, the District 9 boy, approached the District 6 tributes, Hermes and D6G, who were making fires. After a couple of minutes, he caught Hermes looking at the Career tributes fearfully. Inwardly, he grinned, because his master plan was about to be put into action.

"I know, they"re pretty intimidating." whispered Sickle. Startled, Hermes whipped his head around.

Scratching his head, he replied, "Looking at them, I feel like my odds of winning are nada.".

Making sure nobody's listening, Sickle leaned in close, and said, "Maybe we can do something about that."

A flicker of hope ignited in Hermes' eyes. "You mean... an alliance?"

"Not just an alliance," grinned Sickle, "a super alliance. Any tribute who wants the Careers out of the picture…

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AbyssWing21001 AbyssWing21001 17 July 2020

My own Hunger Games!

Ok, I've been a bit bored, so I decided to create my own hunger games. Being the protagonist (ish), I kinda have to win the games, otherwise... well, the only respectable death I can come up with is the district 8 girl's death, except I don't scream. I guess I'll just chip away at this over time, but if you enjoy this please let me know! I only have a rough idea, but I can add more details if you want.


District 1:

Boy - Rex

Girl - Wisp

District 2:

Boy: Chris

Girl: Alice

District 3:

Boy: Unimportant, D3B

Girl: Unimportant, D4G

District 4:

Boy: Reef

Girl: D4G

District 5:

Boy: D5B

Girl: Ruby

District 6:

Boy: Hermes

Girl: D6G

District 7:

Boy: Mark

Girl: D7G

District 8:

Boy: Unimportant, D8B

Girl: Unimprtant, D8G

District 9:

Boy: Sickle

Girl: D9G

District 10:


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Mochi Lavender Mochi Lavender 14 July 2020

The 2050th Hunger Games

WARNING: Please do not read if you are sensitive to death and murder.


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DrwuburnapIII DrwuburnapIII 7 July 2020

Victors:My AU

This is basically a comprehensive list of the Victors in my AU. Ages are as of Catching Fire.

Hunger Games


Hadrian Stone
Stayed at the Cornucopia for resources.
Hortensius Prime

Carmella Stone
Formed the first alliance.
Brook Ripley

Italus Smith



Myrrh Holly

Dmitri Bran

Vitellius Smith

Alf Clements



Lucy Gray Baird


Hid for the duration of the games before poisoning the remainder of her tributes.
Mags Flanagan
Mags could make fishhooks out of anything. She also lived off of nuts.

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FrostyFire FrostyFire 7 July 2020

The Trial Games

Submissions are closed

The Trial Games
The Deviation Series Part II

Notes: This fanfiction will contain mature content that may not be appropriate for all audiences; this includes:

  • vulgar language (excluding racial, ethnic, and cultural slurs)
  • semi-graphic depicts of violence (including blood and war)
  • any addition content concerns will be added to this list prior to the publication of its respective point of view

These Games will be open to submissions, but I reserve the right to deny any tribute. Priority will be given to users who have commented on Anguish: The 21st Hunger Games and those who submitted a contestant for Betrayal: The Quain Games (which was the former version of this story before it was switched). These users will be give…

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Braveheart84 Braveheart84 17 June 2020

The First Quarter-Quell

  • 1 Twist
  • 2 Tributes
  • 3 Arena
    • 3.1 Summer
    • 3.2 Winter
    • 3.3 Fall
    • 3.4 Spring
  • 4 Alliances
    • 4.1 Careers
    • 4.2 District 5 + District 10
    • 4.3 District 6 + District 8
    • 4.4 District 9 + District 11 + District 12
    • 4.5 Loners
  • 5 The Interviews
    • 5.1 Celine Porters - District Two Female
    • 5.2 Brandon Waves - District Four Male
    • 5.3 Leith Tollhouse - District Six Male
    • 5.4 Sasha Salverra - District Eight Female
    • 5.5 Wilden Smith - District Ten Male

On the 25th anniversary, as a reminder to the rebels that their children were dying because of their choice to initiate violence, every district was made to hold an election and vote on the tributes that who would represent it.

Male Tribute
Female Tribute
Barrett Advie
Jewels Albert
Howard Billorn
Celine Porters
Byron Gable…

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KryptonFortune KryptonFortune 8 June 2020

The Games Of Shēng­xiào - A Hunger Games RP Story

  • 1 SLOTS ARE OPEN (31/34) TAKEN (0/34 RESERVED)
  • 2 The Games Of Shēng­xiào
    • 2.1 Notable Facts About Mantou
  • 3 RULES
  • 4 Tributes
    • 4.1 Tribute Forum
    • 4.2 Fúhào Tributes
    • 4.3 Shí'èr Tributes
    • 4.4 Bèipàn Tributes
    • 4.5 Alliances
    • 4.6 Tribute Data
    • 4.7 Tribute Gallery
    • 4.8 Standings
  • 5 Bloodbucks & Sponsorship Shop
    • 5.1 The Shop
      • 5.1.1 Food & Water
      • 5.1.2 Weapons
      • 5.1.3 Advantages
      • 5.1.4 Supplies
  • 6 The Arena
    • 6.1 The North Island Of Wood
    • 6.2 The Eastern Island Of Fire
    • 6.3 The Western Island Of Water
    • 6.4 The South-Western Island Of Earth
    • 6.5 The South-Eastern Island Of Metal
  • 7 The Story

(31/34) TAKEN, (0/34 RESERVED)

(yes 34, not 24)

The Games Of Shēng­xiào is set in Mantou. Similar to Panem, Mantou has an overbearing government and an annual event where children between the ages of 12 - 18 fight to the death.

This event…

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Jello Sauce Jello Sauce 1 June 2020

The 30th Hunger Games

The 30th Hunger Games (More of a template/summary than a story) For a "summary" of the Games, go to Games, but for more detail, read each tributes' experience in their Tribute section. The tribute format is Overview, Training, Interview, Games. The time format is (day:hour:minute:second).

  • 1 Tributes
    • 1.1 Volunteers and Tokens
    • 1.2 District 1 Tributes
    • 1.3 District 2 Tributes
    • 1.4 District 3 Tributes
    • 1.5 District 4 Tributes
    • 1.6 District 5 Tributes
    • 1.7 District 6 Tributes
    • 1.8 District 7 Tributes
    • 1.9 District 8 Tributes
    • 1.10 District 9 Tributes
    • 1.11 District 10 Tributes
    • 1.12 District 11 Tributes
    • 1.13 District 12 Tributes
  • 2 Arena
    • 2.1 Cornucopia
    • 2.2 The Low Lands
    • 2.3 The Elevated Lands
    • 2.4 The Mountains
    • 2.5 Muttations
    • 2.6 Outfits
    • 2.7 Capitol Reaction
  • 3 Games
    • 3.1 Day 1
    • 3.2 Day 2
    • 3.3 Day 3
    • 3.4 Day 4
    • 3.5 Day …

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TheDarkMudkip TheDarkMudkip 22 May 2020

The First Hunger Games (NOT-CANON)

In this story you will be the audience of the TV reality show known as The Hunger Games. It is an event created to punish the districts who rebeled against the capitol. Route for your favorites and see who wins, Give items to your favorites with a sponsor deal however only one person can sponsor them every day. May the odds be ever in your favors.

1. John McLoud
1. Emma McLoud
2. Bobby Simon
2. Sarah Niro
3. Jeff Ness
3. Clair Mason
4. Zachary Bale
4. Clare Potter
5. Joey McSon
5. Mia McFly
6. Brendon Em
6. May Sap
7. Clive Nabol
7. Evelyn Malk
8. Oran Rube
8. Emily Naos
9. Sinno Macle
9. Ava Mass
10. Mac Hone
10. Izzy Soe
11. Sean McLoughon
11. Zailuua Karl
12. Drax Salt
12. Zoe Zo

The 24 Tributes stand on the stage. 2 for each District, One Female and One Male. …

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Utkar22 Utkar22 19 May 2020

The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes Official Discussion

Note: This is not a spoiler free blog

Well, the very first book in the prequel trilogy released today!

Did you like it? How did you feel about it? What are your theories?

Put any discussion, theories, thoughts, etc in the comments down below!

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Blissfully Mine Blissfully Mine 16 May 2020

Old User Update

Wow, just typing again in this box with this formatting takes me back literal years.

Anyways, where do I start?

Well, I guess I can start by saying I joined this wiki nearly a decade ago. So hello to those of you (likely most of you) that are newer and have joined the community within the past 3/4 years. I want to thank you for keeping things up to date here, since many of us older users (including myself) have ultimately abandoned this wiki altogether. I'm sure you have done plenty of great things on this site, and I seriously appreciate you for that! This was my first fandom ever, so just seeing that the Wiki Activity has entries from today is amazing.

I checked the blog rules before posting this (I wanted to know if the rules have changed)…

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IReadTooMuchFanfic IReadTooMuchFanfic 26 April 2020

Hunger Games Roleplay (2 slots for even districts, 1 slot for odds.)

Welcome to the 52nd Hunger Games! To join the Roleplay, you must fill out the form below:






And here are the rules:

1. No spamming.

2. Off topic posts must be put in parenthesies like (this)

3. No shipping or rivalries without the other user's permission.

4. No killing people without the other user's permission (unless it is a NPC)

5. There are 6 NPCs required. To make a NPC use the same form.

6. No cussing. Let's try to keep this somewhat PG-13.

7.  No being OP.

8. One character per person.

9. Some people may have to Roleplay in the opposite gender.


(I don't know how to mention. Sorry!)

district 1:

district 2:

district 3:

district 4:

district 5:

district 6:

district 7:

district 8:

district 9:

district 10:

district 11:


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TheDarkMudkip TheDarkMudkip 19 April 2020

Demonica (Not the Hunger Games just needed to upload this somewhere Sry)\

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TheDarkMudkip TheDarkMudkip 18 April 2020

The 20th Hunger Games (NOT CANON)

Chapter 1. The Reaping

The chill of the air went down my spine. Today is a special day. I turn 13 but today is also The Reaping. I heard that a long time ago that 13 was classified an unlucky number and that your 13th birthday was unlucky. I hope thats not true. Or else I might be put in the 20th Hunger Games. You never know. My name is Joey Balk. I am from District 3. The time that we dread has come tough. It is the time for the reaping. 2 tributes frpm the 12 districts "offers up" a boy and girl to compete in The Hunger Games. I forced myself to go to the town square. I had low hopes. Some people need to get Tessaraes. We used to. Until my brother went into The Games last year. He died in the Blood-Bath. The loss was hard. But we knew it …

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Foxqueen6 Foxqueen6 10 April 2020

Round 1.1

Round one... Coin vs. Snow! Comment who you want to move ahead and I'll announce the winners in a few days. On a side note the post for characters to use is still open. 

Round 2 Snow won with 2 points. The next round is Cinna vs. Effie

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