• DrwuburnapIII

    I might be in no position to give out advice but i just wanted to get this out.

    Remember this death order.

    Tribute Placing Killed by
    District 8 male 24th Marvel
    District 10 female 23rd Clove
    District 3 female 22nd District 5 male
    District 6 female 21st Glimmer
    District 9 male 20th Clove
    District 7 male 19th Thresh
    District 9 female 18th Thresh
    District 5 male 17th Glimmer
    District 7 female 16th Marvel
    District 6 male 15th Cato
    District 4 male 14th Cato
    District 4 female 13th Careers

    So therefore a tribute can't be alive if the tribute before them is still alive. So for instance The District 10 Female can't be dead until the District 8 Male is.

    There was no official arena wear made for her district, However her district partner wears the district 7 outfit.…

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  • DrwuburnapIII

    Just like with the District 9 Female these pictures aren't meant to be taken seriously

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  • DrwuburnapIII

    Keep in mind that a did this for fun and not to take these scenes too seriously

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  • DrwuburnapIII

    I figured since people make up scenes of tributes dying i quess i should try too.

    I have two here. I had a lot of trouble because the wiki said that Thresh killed her and she died after the District 7 Male but before the District 5 Male. There was no official arena wear for District 9 so i assumed she also wore a District 7 Jacket like her partner.

    Here is a picture i made up of Clove killing the District 10 Female. IDK what's really happening. Some people day this is the District 5 Male but the hair isn't really good enough proof, also Glimmer killed him so who is the tribute in the red jacket?

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  • DrwuburnapIII

    The Ravenous Games

    January 16, 2019 by DrwuburnapIII

    I have created a parody of the Hunger Games.

    Hunger Games name Ravenous Games name Description
    Katniss Everdeen Rackless Neverbleed Older sister of Prickly Neverbleed, volunteers for Prickly in the 74th Ravenous Games.
    Primrose Everdeen Prickly Neverbleed Younger sister of Rackless Neverbleed.
    Peeta Mellark P.E.T.A Murdok Baker, picked for the Ravenous Games.
    Gale Hawthorne Greg Hobbler Boyfriend of Rackless, having an affair with Merge Undernee.
    Haymitch Abernathy Harold Abraham The only living victor of State number 12. Drinks often.
    Effie Trinket Essie Winxless Nicknamed "Capitol Propoganda lady" and "Discount Lady Gaga".
    Glimmer Glitter Female from State number 1, Killed by a falling bee's nest.
    Marvel DC Male from State number 1, Reluctant to li…

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  • Evelark24

    Yes. I know Cato and Clove ae careers. I know that they are sociopathic murderers. But has nobody besides me noticed that they were just kind of, well,  yah. When Clove is dying, she is legit screaming CATO. When he finally hears her, he runs over begging her to not die. Well, that was only in the book. But still, come on.

    When Cato is about to kill Peeta, he says what sounds like "What does it matter? She's dead anyway." 

    And in true Effie Trinket style, I bet my hat he was talking about Clove. 

    Yes, I love the movies. But I feel like Cato and Clove's extstestential relationship was a little bit overlooked. Comment if you agree! I might write more abut this. 

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  • Hygro

    District 9 Male - Knife thrown in the back by Clove

    District 8 Male - Neck slashed and stabbed by Marvel with a kukri

    District 3 Female (Mayley) - Neck slit by District 5 Male with a sickle

    District 6 Female - Stabbed in the abdomen and face by Glimmer with a dagger

    District 7 Male - Neck slashed and broken by Thresh with a khopesh (crescent sword)

    District 6 Male (Jason) - Stabbed in the back and neck by District 5 Male

    District 9 Female - Killed by Thresh with a khopesh

    District 7 Female - Speared in the heart by Marvel

    District 5 Male - Stomach cleaved by Cato with a bar mace

    District 4 Male - Neck slit by Cato with a bar mace

    Distruct 10 Female - Knife thrown into neck by Clove

    District 8 Female (Savannah) - Stabbed by Glimmer with a sword then S…

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  • Underlord1271

    I've never done one of these, but before it happens, i want to let you all know that i got alot of inspiration from This blog by Annamisasa! It was really cool and I Like the idea, so i want to try my own version. Huge thanks.

    You may enter up to THREE tributes. You can create one on the spot, or if you have a already existing one, you can list it. You can enter up to 3 Currently, and please use this template:

    • = Required
    • Name :
    • District :
    • Gender : 
    • Age :
    • Appearence :
    • Weapon-Of-Choice :
    • Personality :
    • Skills :
    • Weaknesses :



    Reaction to the Reapings

    Opinion on the games

    Like i said, you can enter up to 3 tributes. I Don't pre-pick a victor, and im basing how well they survive on their Skills / Weaknesses. Don't make them rediculously overpowe…

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  • Underlord1271

    In the Books / Films, it is obviously stated that Two tributes could win if They were from the same district. This was just to add more Drama to the game once they revoked it, but what if Clove / Cato won?

    "oh, oh but Und cato liked glimmer"

    Yea, sure, the movies kinda potrayed him to like Glimmer but really in the books Cato was atleast more of a Friend with Clove. And I'm not even saying Romantically, but i know that Cato and Clove were at the very least, Friends (They trained in the same career academy, presumably).

    They might not love eachother in the arena, but in the Books he begs Clove to stay with her saying "We can still win, hang on a bit! Clove!" (or something along those lines, I'm Re-Reading).

    Anyway, what if Clove and Cato won. L…

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  • Strawberry1375

    Panem Rp: Rose of the Capitol

    It has been 25 years since the 75th quarter quell which means this year would be the 100th anniversary of The Hunger Games. In honor of this special date, the Capitol, which has been laying low for years decide that it is time to bring back the games. Living their lives for the past 25 years carelessly, the 13 districts never would've seen this rebellion coming. The Capitol defeated the districts and regained their control over them. Will, you be the next victor or die in the games? Join this server and take part in the games! All games will be custom made based on the tributes' strengths and weaknesses.


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  • Mistfire333

    Hey everyone. I'm announcing my formal return for this fall/winter on this wiki and probably the Hunger Games RP wiki. I decided to stop by after talking to my girlfriend about how I spent so much time on this wiki, and I decided to give this place another go around since I gotta save money and avoid spending it all on gas from racing up in the hills...

    So yeah! I've got more history on me visible on the RP wiki, otherwise you can explore the stuff I've done here.

    Welcome back to me!

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  • Legally Confused

    Here's a discord that I created for this wiki

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  • Sahlmon

    Hello, Salmon, back from the dead here with a roleplay about... the dead coming back. Funny huh?

    Anyways, if you were in the last rp I did, you're pretty familiar with the idea. If not, don't worry, I'll be getting to that shortly.

    It's the day before the dead walk the earth, and currently scientists at a secret lab in [Location determined by Poll] are working for a new medicine to resucate folks who have recently died in the past hour. However, this medicine testing goes wrong, when it binds with a biological virus that ends up sweeping across all fresh deceased and rising them from the grave.

    These creatures, known as zombies, are dangerous in the fact that only damage to the head will officially kill them. It won't be long before the world…

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  • Sandj3335678

    Hey, name's SandJ3335678 and I used to be on this wikia a lot for the articles, fan-made hunger games blogs, and the chat.

    I don't know if anyone remembers me, but I was very active in the summer of 2012 when only the first movie had been released and we all hanged out in the chat talking about it and real life.

    They were honestly such good times looking back on it and I remember how fun it was to create all these hunger games only having the first movie as an inspiration, which back then was so much fun to do.

    I came on here to wonder if any of you guys still happen to check up on this website, and if you do comment down on this blog, it's been so long and I wonder if we can bring back the same people and have the same fun from 6 years ago.


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  • Misytmolla

    56th Hunger Games

    July 3, 2018 by Misytmolla

    Hello Everyone. This blog post will be dedicated to an independent game I will be writing in my spare time. This will involve tributes entirely of my creation, but if you would like to - feel free to follow these games and leave any criticism or support. These games will be based within the Hunger Games universe. However, I will try to avoid referencing parts from the books in order to avoid cliche. If you plan to read this, enjoy. 

    56 Years have passed since the uprising by the 12 districts against the Capitol was ended. In penance for the uprising, the Capitol decreed that every year one male and female from each District, between the ages of 12 and 18, would be selected by random lottery to participate in an event know as the 'Hunger Gam…

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  • Panthermic

    Official Wikia: Panthersprivate Wiki

    Hello, and welcome to my Hunger Games. Enter your tributes, and see if they have what it takes to survive the ultimate battle royale. May the odds be ever in your favor!

    The previous games, the 77th Hunger Games, had just ended, a victor being alive at the end of the games unlike it's predecessor. The controversial Naida Bank of District 12 won, and with her victory came out to the public her very rebellious ideas.

    It has been a year since then, and despite Naida's anti-games propaganda, the annual tradition will continue for it's third year. Who can win, and who won't survive?

    Just like the original games, there will be 2 tributes from districts 1-12, one male, one female, for a total of 24 tributes.


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  • LightStone123

    The Black Games

    May 24, 2018 by LightStone123

    Hello everyone and welcome to another Games created by me. These Games will not be apart of my main series and will take place in an entirely different universe then them. These will, however, take place in the same universe as The White Games, which you can read more about at the following link:

    Now, with that out of the way, I shall explain these Games more thoroughly.

    The Black Games will be taking place in the modern-day world. The tributes competing will be 30 ordinary people from the regular world between the ages of 12-22. These young people have been kidnapped by unknown forces and deposited into an arena located in a mysterious and unknown location. Once t…

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  • Turnereagle

    Second story

    May 19, 2018 by Turnereagle

    I have decided to make a second story based off of my first District 14 story. I’m not sure if this will be a very long one or not, but just tell me if you liked it! I appreciate feedback of any sorts, and give me any suggestions on how to change the story (if needed) and let me know if you liked it! Enjoy The Formation of District 14 2! If you haven’t seen the first story, then I recommend you see it first before you read this just to get an idea.

    Contents Prologue Chapter 1: A Threat Heard Round the World Chapter 2: The Second District War: Stage 1 Chapter 3: Oh no it’s Stage 5, A Revolution! Chapter 4: Peace Destroyed Chapter 5: The Enemy Slain Epilogue

    Prologue: It has been exactly 3 1/2 weeks since the outbreak of war. A threat from D…

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  • Turnereagle

    First story.

    May 19, 2018 by Turnereagle

    The Formation of District 14 (Hunger Games Story)

    Please note that this will be a semi-long story, or if I change my mind, maybe it will be a long or short story. This will only be about how and why District 14 formed.


    Prologue Chapter 1: The District War Chapter 2: Formation of 14 Epilogue

    Plot: The plot takes 1 year after Squad 451 weakened the Capitol. This story will be told by no particular person, but instead in just a simple 3rd Point of View. If you liked this story, please tell me! Thank you very much, and enjoy the story!


    It has been 1 exact year since the Capitol had been defeated. 1 year since the Hunger Games brought to a close. Now all that is left are the freed Districts. Since the Capitol, the only centralized g…

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  • Katagma

    Are you tired of the Hunger Games wiki and want a supportive community with hunger games fanatics just like you? Do you like to write fanmade games with fanmade characters who you create? Or do you even like to write your own games?

    Well here's a wiki for all of you to join!

    Click here to join! Make your first tribute and get started. What are you waiting for?

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  • Jomack027

    The 350th Hunger Games

    April 21, 2018 by Jomack027

    1. There will be 30 tributes. 2. You have 125$ dollars to spend as a sponsor. 3. The Capitol is usually a career district but I'll make an exception. 4. Reservations last one day, but two for special occasions. 5. You may have up to 3 tributes. 6. Please follow this format or submit a link to a tribute page. Name: Age: District: Appearance: Weapons: Personality: Backstory: Height: Strengths: Weaknesses: Fears: Alliance:

    Capitol: District One: District Two: District Three: District Four: District Five: District Six: District Seven: District Eight: District Nine: District Ten: District Eleven: District Twelve: District Thirteen: District Fourteen:

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  • Panthermic

    CareersHello, and welcome to my Hunger Games. Enter your tributes, and see if they have what it takes to survive the ultimate battle royale. May the odds be ever in your favor!

    The previous games, the 76th Hunger Games, had just ended, with there seemingly being no victor. This end had upset the capitol, who wanted their first victor in almost a century. Trying to calm the citizens down, President Cassius Falcon had the previous head gamemaker fired and replaced with a new one, one sure to provide more entertainment and less mistakes than their predecessor.

    It has been a year since that day, and a new Hunger Games were to begin soon. The districts were in wait to the new horror that would take away two of their own, and see which tribute was…

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  • Panthermic

    Hello, and welcome to my first Hunger Games. Enter your tributes, and see if they have what it takes to survive the ultimate battle royale. May the odds be ever in your favor!

    It's been about 70 years since President Snow and Coin where killed and the Hunger Games abolished. Most of the characters from the original series are either dead or elderly, bringing a whole new cast to the series. Some of these you may recognize as descendants of some of your favorites.

    After most of the founders of the new government formed by District 13 died, several pro-games believers began to run a campaign, trying to get their leader, a man named Cassius Falcon, to be elected as the new president of Panem. Knowing the horrors of the Hunger Games and still hav…

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  • Tehblakdeath

    Hello, and welcome to my game of mutual murder and despair!

    • Tributes can be submitted until the day of commencement of these Games.
      • They must have the following requirements: Name, Age, Gender, Appearance (this can also be an image), Personality, Backstory, Height, if they are in Group A or Group B, Skills, and Weaknesses.
        • I would also like if they had a Weight, Reasons to Win, and Favourite Meme section, the last due to it giving a good insight into what I can work with for tributes.
      • Tributes should be between ages of 16-18.
      • Mary Sues and Gary Stus will not be accepted under any circumstances.
      • You must also answer this question in every tribute form: If your tribute was the best at one thing, what would it be?
        • These should be as specific as poss…

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  • UniqueTears

    Welcome! Hello and welcome to my second Hunger Games as the 99th Annual Hunger Games wasn't a huge success I'm still determined to write a game! These games will be fairly traditional with District's 1-12, this story takes place after the 7th Quarter Quell which the twist was the tributes required to be siblings or related some way.


    1. Reservations will last two days

    2. Three tributes per user

    3. Advice must be sent to your tribute.

    Tribute Form:













    Name Age District Weapon(s) User
    Aurora Clyo 16 1 Martial Arts DrXax
    Tux Bowden 18 1 Sword Tehblakdeath
    Nova Deimos 17 2 Bowie Knife, Knife FrostyFire
    Pell Tanner 18 2 Crossbow, Machete Tehblakdeath …

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  • MrClutch123x

    The 51st Hunger Games

    January 15, 2018 by MrClutch123x

    Hello and welcome to my first ever games with my new account.

    I used to write some of these a while ago but I became busy with school. I really missed writing these and decided it was time to start up again.

    For this article we will be having the 51st Hunger Games with takes place after Haymitch won the 2nd Quarter Quell.

    I hope you all enjoy this post and I will try my best to bring you all an amazing hunger games.












    Alliance preferences:

    You are allowed to have two tributes. If we can not fill it up you are allowed to make a third. Please write as much as you can. This will alllow me to be more creative with my writing for the games. 

    Name District Gen…

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  • LapisDiamondGirl


    December 25, 2017 by LapisDiamondGirl

    Welp, first post! Normally never post, so... yeah. I have nothing to write, anyways. Just check out my YouTube channel.

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  • 22AirForcE

    Name Age Height Weight Odds Scores

    Marvel 17 (6'3) 191cm (165pds) 75kg 5-1 9 Glimmer 17 (5'7) 170cm (130pds) 59kg 7-1 8 Cato 18 (6'2) 188cm (185pds) 84kg 3-1 10 Clove 15 (5'4) 162cm (100pds) 45kg 5-1 10 Chase 14 (5'6) 167cm (120pds) 54kg 22-1 4 Maley 13 (5'9) 175cm (120pds) 54kg 30-1 3 Max 12 (4'8) 142cm (65pds) 30kg 15-1 8 Marina 16 (5'4) 162cm (105pds) 48kg 9-1 8 D5M 15 (5'7) 170cm (145pds) 66kg 8-1 6 Finch 15 (5'5) 165cm (115pds) 52kg 7-1 5 Jason 16 (5'10)178cm (150pds) 68kg 24-1 7 Tamora 17 (4'11)150cm (112pds) 51kg 23-1 4 D7M 17 (5'5) 165cm (130pds) 59kg 5-1 4 D7F 16 (4'11)150cm (100pds) 45kg 7-1 9 …

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  • Demosch1


    December 21, 2017 by Demosch1

    Name: unknown

    Age: unknown

    Date of birth: standing there (year unknown)

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  • Lawman12435

    44th Annual Hunger Games

    December 18, 2017 by Lawman12435

    Good Lord, it's been a damn long time since I've been on this site but I felt the sudden desire to create a new hunger games. I don't know how often fans still log into this site, but if you'd like to contribute, I'd love to make one! It'll probably take a few days for me to create all of the rules and templates I need to create, but go ahead and start sending me tributes!

    The Arena is a circular shaped tropical island. At the center is the cornucopia which is on top of and in the middle of an inactive volcano. The volcano has a thick layer of rock over it to keep tributes from falling through it. The island is a downhill slant until it reaches the surrounding water. Unbeknownst to tributes, the ocean water has been modified to be poisonous…

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  • Annamisasa

    The 58th Hunger Games

    December 11, 2017 by Annamisasa

    Hello everyone!

    I know it’s been a while and that I am very much out of practice with writing Games, but I really want to train my creative writing skills, so I have decided to make a little comeback to this wiki to write my fourth Games!

    I won’t do reapings, chariot rides, group training or interviews. I will give the private training scores and then head straight to the Games.

    Please do bear in mind that it’s been a long, long while since I wrote my last Games. I haven’t practiced for a long time, so I cannot promise that my writing will be of any great quality! But I will – of course – do my very best to write these properly.

    P.S: It’s so cool to see this wiki is still active! You guys are awesome!

    • I don't use, nor do I pre-select…

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  • Finlau01

    Hunger Games Process Charts

    November 17, 2017 by Finlau01

    # Contestant 1 2 5 8 9 13 15 18
    5 Foxface RUN SAFE SAFE DIED




    11 Marina SAFE SAFE DIED

    12 Glimmer SAFE SAFE DIED
    13 Lizzie RUN DIED

    14 Sebastian DIED

    15 Jason DIED
    16 Myrtle DIED
    17 Wyatt DIED
    18 Demetria DIED
    19 Thomas DIED
    20 Milo DIED
    21 Carly DIED
    22 Kara DIED
    23 Flora DIED
    24 Patrick DIED
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  • Machtopus

    The 134th Hunger Games

    November 15, 2017 by Machtopus

    Hello there! I am Machtopus, and these are my 134th Hunger Games! (Well, not the 134th I've written, of course, know.)

    These Games will be a fairly standard 24-person free-for-all, with Reapings, Training, and Interviews all detailed before the actual Games begin. All kinds of logistical support for the tributes involved will be handled in-story, but you can still comment advice and the like if you feel so inclined. Just be warned, it may not affect the outcome of the story.

    Also of note is how long it's been since I read The Hunger Games, so I may have forgotten about some things? District-related stuff in particular is pretty fuzzy, but I'll probably end up reading up on that.

    If you have any comments or inquiries, feel free to l…

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  • DrXax

    The Reckoning

    October 22, 2017 by DrXax

    So I decided to actually go on and try to start a new project in this wiki. It will be gory, and make reference to strong topics every now and then, so join at your own discretion.

    I don’t want to promise I will be able to finish it soon, because school, the football team and everything else is just weighing on me a little too much to update frequently.

    However, I miss writing a lot and I’m hoping this will inspire me enough to write again. So without any further ado, let’s get on with it.

    This will not take place in the Hunger Games Universe, but rather in the very near future of 2020, when the next Olympics should take place.

    Fun, right? People healthily competing to represent their countries by playing. But the definition of “playing” varies …

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  • Horseyas

    Katniss and her background

    September 1, 2017 by Horseyas
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  • Meoryou

    The 805th Hunger Games

    August 5, 2017 by Meoryou

    Hello there! So I've been very bored over the past week, and so I decided making a game of my own might fill a little boredom. Since the wiki doesn't have much activity, I realize I probably need to be patient when waiting for people to sign up for the games, but it's worth a shot.  ^.^

    1. Four tributes per person.
    2. First come, first serve (when it comes to tributes).
    3. Reservations allowed for 24 hours maximum. After that, reservations will be given away.
    5. Links are allowed.
    6. Don't get upset if I kill your tributes. Only one will win!!
    8. Have fun, don't get stressed. It's all fun and games. :P

    For those who don't want to post links, here is a template you can use t…

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  • District12-Tributes

    As we all know, Commander Paylor rose to power during the 2nd Rebellion. Paylor's presidency was viewed as a period of Reconstruction and renewed unity throughout the Districts of Panem, but the prosperity was short-lived.

    The Districts felt as if life was finally calm and orderly once again, but the people of the Capitol became restless, staging a coup to remove Paylor from office; what was good for the Districts did not come free of cost for Capitol citizens. They found themselves having to pay more for their properties as a housing market evolved alongside free migration within Panem and outlying nations. Additionally, prices of consumer goods seemed to jump to astronomical highs due to increased labor wages. For the first time in so man…

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  • Jomack27

    Hey everyone! This is my first ever hunger game so, join and i will write to my full potential.

    • Sumbit up to two tributes
    • Send in advice at the end of every day.
    • Don't judge, it's my first one
    • No whining due to your tributes death.
    • You may link your tribute from the RolePLaying Wiki
    • Districts C, and 0-14
    • There will be 32 tributes. two per district
    • And Have fun :)

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  • Planetarium

    paying my respects

    March 8, 2017 by Planetarium

    if anyone happens to read this -

    basically, i was one of the people who were active from 2013-2014 and in 2015 as the main part of the wiki gradually came to a halt. i was a chat moderator (i won't say who, but you could probably guess if you tried hard enough, snrk).

    this wiki was basically my life. it was all i thought about, as you guys were some of my closest and only friends in, well, life. i can't even begin to express how much i've grown, both for better and for worse. it was you guys who inspired me to write, to laugh, and to survive through some of the most difficult years of my life.

    i don't know, man. i miss you all so much; out of all the amazing people i've met, only one still talks to me on a regular basis. some of you have face…

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  • EvilhariboMadness

    90th Hunger Games

    February 26, 2017 by EvilhariboMadness

    The premise is simple; none of the canon stuff happened because Prim was never reaped and, instead, another poor girl was and she died early on. Peeta didn't last too long afterwards and as such the Snow Family remains in power of Panem.

    Yo. If you don't know who I am, I'm an old user who joined in 2012 and left sometime in 2014 (ambiguous time scales bc I don't actually remember). I always liked to write games on here - even if I wasn't too good at them - and I had an urge to write one so here I am.

    1. Two tributes per person.
    2. I will be including District 0 and 13 in this bc that's how I last remembered games being done.
    3. Preferably no reservations but ik some people like them.
    4. Preferably no links to anywhere but I won't say no to them.

    Name: Age: Di…

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  • Swizzy500


    January 17, 2017 by Swizzy500


    sup guys my name is Swizzy500 (aka Kylie)

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  • AngelsHolocaust

    Mutiny Games

    January 14, 2017 by AngelsHolocaust

    hi, i feel like getting back into writing so i thought why not host a hunger games on this site. these games will be very gory, very enticing and impeccable as possible. please submit some tributes so these can begin as quickly as possible!!!!!!!! thank you

    District 1 Tux Bowden Mai Yakuza
    District 2 Slayton Bacchus Genesis Lantbruk
    District 3 Caspian Mahoney Mary Smith
    District 4 Billie Green Tessa Griffin
    District 5 Devon Ferox Sora Deathbell
    District 6 JJ Watt Lavender Morton
    District 7 Brighton Honeycutt Elia Donsown
    District 8 Ryder Locklear Lilah Jollenbeck
    District 9 Arc Taro Nylah Nicole
    District 10 Jack Casey Naomi Lockjaw
    District 11 Nylon Shouta Erraline Xykler
    District 12 Alpha Quells Omega Quells
    District 13 Cauter Dumont Bennie Raymond

    The platform below me shudder…

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  • Thereselovesyou
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  • TheAmericanDream

    There are many ways I could write this blog. I could blame Echo for all that has gone on. I could take the blame. I could make excuses for her, or for myself. I could do a number of different things. But I'm only here to do one thing.

    Let's be honest. We're all tired of this fiasco. She's tried, I'm tired, everyone has had enough.

    I made bad choices, so did she. I caused this, so did she. It's gone on for far too long and the back and forth needs to end. I have no excuse for harrassing and antagonizing her. It was wrong. It's not who I am, or maybe it is? Did I think it was funny? Hell yeah I did. Was it? Probably not, or at least not a good majority of it. 

    This three year drama is at its end. When self harm, suicide, and destructive actions…

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  • Tyler Crusher

    Hi! I'm Tyler. This is my first Hunger Games, and I hope you guys enjoy!

    • Be nice to other users. After three warnings, I'll be forced to kill your tribute.
    • You can enter three tributes or one district.
    • Please don't be mad if I kill your tribute in the Cornucopia Bloodbath.

    Everyone has $100. Everything costs 10 dollars. If you're lucky, I'll give you 50 extra just be nice! :)

    Knife Sword Trident Water Bottle A pack of crackers Blowgun Band-aid Neo sporin Mystery box A guardian dog


    District 1:
    Tux Bowden, 18

    District 2:

    District 3:
    Jayda Idylwyld, 17

    District 4:

    District 5:

    District 6:
    Skylar Knights, 17

    District 7:

    District 8:

    District 9:

    District 10:
    Shane Roels, 16

    District 11:
    Basil Winters, 13

    District 12:
    Ash Vile, 14

    Please include their:



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  • Thereselovesyou
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  • Blueleaf245

    The 541st Hunger Games

    November 24, 2016 by Blueleaf245

    Hello, everyone! You may not know me, I'm quite new to this wiki. This will be my first Hunger Games, so please, no hate. Suggestions are accepted, though. This will include no roleplaying, I will be writing it myself. BTW, thank you to all other people that have made Hunger Games because I am learning from their experiences.

    • No fighting (Obviously
    • Tributes will be from District 1-13, + the Capitol.
    • The Capitol children will have no advantages besides for possibly more and better sponsors
    • Do not get mad if your tribute dies. 27 will have to die. You entered this knowing that, okay?
    • 3 tributes MAX!!! Do not add any more than that, or all of your tributes will be suspended from the games.
    • You may reserve a tribute, but it will only last for 48 hou…

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  • UniqueTears

    So, I'm going to write The 99th Annual Hunger Games hopefully I can get all the Tributes submitted, unlike The Christmas Games which was a complete fail. If this Game is successful it might get a sequel.

    The Rules

    1. Three Tributes only.

    2. Reservations last 48 hours

    3. Be active, send advice to your Tributes during Training but also during The Games to get the best result of them.

    4. You must provide a Lunaii.















    The Tributes

    Name Age District Weapon Status User
    Miiko Dejong 14 1 Katana, Shuriken, Hand-To-Hand-Combat Alive YourFavoriteSalmon
    Tux Bowden 18 1 Rock, Whip, Sword, Almost anything Alive Tehblakdeath
    Valerie Slyvester 18 2 Mace Aliv…

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  • Owen1998

    The 1st User Hunger Games

    November 20, 2016 by Owen1998

    Hello, everyone. It has been nearly 2 years without entering the wiki. Since now I have a lot of free time I have decided to write a new hunger games. "You" are going to fight in these hunger games, so obviously you can only submit one character per person. I am currently at university, so I have a lot of free time that I have to spend so don't worry for the updates.

    It's the year 2023 and Donald Trump with the help of Putin has won World War III. Every year all the world will submit 24 children to remember Trumps power. (Story continues down below)

    At the moment I will only be taking names of users. You have until Thursday at 21:00 (English hour) to submit yourself. When that time comes I will give more information. In the comments say what…

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  • Hyta100

    212th Hunger Games/Hyta100

    November 17, 2016 by Hyta100

    Hey Everyone!

    Well it's been 3 years since I started the 211th games (Which I never finished - oops), but I am back, and I'm determined to stick with it this time. I have decided to just move straight to the 212th Games and I'm accepting tributes now!  Check out the 210th games on the blog if you want an idea of my writing style. But I'm excited!

    • No fighting. Obviously
    • Tributes will be from Districts 1-13 + Capitol
    • Do not get mad when your tribute dies. 27 will have to die. Deal.
    • Advise your tribute!!! The main thing that annoyed me about the previous games was that people just submitted their tribute and then never advised them. Don't bother submitting if you don't plan on caring about your tribute. 
    • Be aware that I live in australia and theref…

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