The District 12 tributes' jacket for the 74th Hunger Games.

"The material in the jacket is designed to reflect body heat. Expect some cool nights."

Arena wear was the clothing worn by tributes during their time in the arena. The clothing was new and identical for each tribute. The stylists had no say in the tributes' uniforms, but were often able to use the clothing's composition to provide clues regarding what might be encountered in the arena. Tributes could also wear or carry a personal token in the arena, as long as it didn't give them an unfair advantage in the games.

74th Hunger Games

For the 74th Hunger Games, the outfits were tawny trousers, a light green shirt, sturdy brown belt, and a thin-hooded black jacket that fell down to the thighs. The outfit included boots, which were worn over skin-tight socks. The boots were made of soft leather and had a narrow, flexible rubber sole.

75th Hunger Games

For the 75th Hunger Games, the outfits were fitted blue jumpsuits made of sheer material that was half-an-inch thick with zippers down the front. Each suit came with a padded belt covered in black plastic which was filled with a purple gel that could be used as a flotation device. The shoes were nylon with rubber soles.

The Hunger Games film

Hunger Games Arena

Katniss Everdeen's arena uniform.

In the movie, the arena uniforms differ slightly from the ones described in the book. Each district had their own colored jackets and shirts (girls were given V-necks and boys were given crew necks), but all wore the same thing: a hooded nylon jacket with silver stripes that ran down the front, the arms, and back. The jacket also had an inner layer that had an orange reflective tape on the hem, and a shirt that was the same color as the jacket, olive cargo pants, and brown buckle boots. The colors for each district were:

Avocado Green - District 1

Rust Red - District 2

Mustard Yellow - District 3

Seastorm Blue - District 4

Plum Red - District 5

Tomato Red - District 6

Russet Brown - District 7

Goldenrod Yellow - District 8

Bottle Green - District 9

Fole Grass Grey - District 10

Chocolate Brown - District 11

Catching fire uniform

Tribute uniform of the 75th Hunger Games.

Coal Black - District 12

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

In the movie the outfits are different from the book description as it states that the tributes wear a blue fitted jumpsuit with a wide belt filled with purple gel that prevented the tributes from drowning. In the movie every tribute wore the same outfit: a black wetsuit with white sleeves. The use of black, white, and grey are supposed to represent a mockingjay. The outfit doesn't come with the padded belt, and they wore black boots. The black "sleeves" also come off, as is visible when Katniss is paralyzed as the arena collapses. The outfit is said to offer little to no protection from the sun, but water does evaporate easily off of it. The padded belt has a gel in it and while you wear it in the water, it will keep the user afloat.

Known Tokens

Each tribute can wear something from their home district as long as it does not give an advantage. Some of the known ones are:

Glimmer's ring: Glimmer was supposed to have a ring but it was discovered that when the large gemstone was twisted, a poisoned spike popped out.

Mockingjay pin: Maysilee Donnor and Katniss both use the mockingjay pin for their district token.

Locket: It is noted in Catching Fire that Peeta's token was a locket that had pictures of Prim, Mrs. Everdeen, and Gale.

Small wooden ball: An unknown girl tribute of a unknown games dropped her token, a small wooden ball before they could step off their pedestals at those games, making the land mines explode. Katniss said they had to scrape bits of her off the ground due to her being blown up.

Woven Necklace: Rue brought a necklace with a wooden flower/star charm of some type of woven grass; she mentioned that it brought good luck. It reminded Rue of the fields she worked in.

Gold bangle: Haymitch wore a gold bangle with flame pattern. He gave it to Finnick to tell Katniss to make him an ally, as he could later help her in the games. At first, Katniss was slightly confused with the fact that Finnick had the bangle, and thought he stole it from Haymitch, but then realized that Haymitch had given it to Finnick as a signal. It is unknown if Finnick had an original token before he was given Haymitch's token.