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Apollo Ring was a student at The Academy and a mentor for the District 6 male tribute, Otto, during the 10th Hunger Games. He was killed in a bombing while taking his tribute on a tour of the arena.

He was one of the two Ring twins, the other being his sister Diana Ring. He was known by the nickname "Pollo." He and his sister wholly embraced their status as twins, sporting identical outfits and sunny personalities.[1]


While in the zoo, Otto and his district partner, Ginnee, began a funny dance, and the Ring twins got some of the audience to clap along. This led to the environment becoming more festive and social.[1]

Before the start of the Games, the tributes and their mentors were taken on a tour of the Capitol Arena. During the tour, rebel bombs exploded, sending shrapnel that killed Apollo, as well as Diana and their assigned tributes. A double funeral was held the following day.[2]


Apollo was the Greco-Roman god oracles, healing, archery, music and arts, sunlight, knowledge, herds and flocks, and protection of the young. Within Greek mythology he was the twin brother of the goddess Artemis, while within Roman mythology he was twin brother of goddess Diana, the latter being also the in-universe sister of Apollo Ring.


  • As 7-year-olds, the Ring twins and their classmates would play a game called Ring-around-the-Rings where their classmates attempted to corner them and trap them.


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