Katniss and Rue form an alliance.

Alliances are an important aspect of The Hunger Games, as tributes ensure their survival by having allies watch their back in the arena. Alliances generally break apart near the end of the Games so the members are not forced to kill each other after. A common alliance in the Games is the one between the Career Tributes of Districts 1, 2 and 4 (in The Hunger Games film, it is only Districts 1 and 2 who form the Career alliance) who work together to take down every other tributes until their alliance is all that remains, and then they rip each other apart, much to the pleasure of the Capitol.

Alliances are most often formed between tributes that are from the same district.

Known alliances

50th Hunger Games

Career Alliance

A pack of 10 tributes which spent the early days scouring the mountain area for victims. Five were killed on the 4th day when the mountain erupted into a volcano. Afterwards, three were killed by Haymitch and Maysilee. It is unclear whether the other two had abandoned the alliance at that point.

  • District 1 female (1) - Tricked by Haymitch into throwing her axe into the force field at the edge of the arena and killed when the axe rebounded, coming in 2nd place.
  • Possible others

District 12 Alliance

65th Hunger Games

Career Pack

Unknown Members - did not include victor Finnick Odair, who instead 'struck out on his own', relying on sponsors.

We can assume the Career Pack was composed by:

  • District 1 male - unknown
  • District 1 female - unknown
  • District 2 male - unknown
  • District 2 female - unknown
  • District 4 female - unknown

70th Hunger Games

Career Pack

  • District 1 male - Drowned
  • District 1 female - Drowned
  • District 2 male - Drowned
  • District 2 female - Drowned
  • Possible others

District 4 Alliance

74th Hunger Games

Career Alliance

  • Marvel - Killed by Katniss coming in 8th place
  • Glimmer - Killed by Tracker Jackers (set on her by Katniss) coming in 12th place
  • Cato - Attacked by the mutts but finished off by Katniss coming in 3rd place
  • Clove - Killed by Thresh coming in 6th place
  • District 3 male - Not a Career, used for weaponry, killed by Cato coming in 9th place
  • District 4 female - Killed by Katniss coming in 11th place
  • Peeta Mellark - Not a Career, used to get close to Katniss, joint winner.

Overall, the Careers placed rather poorly compared with most other years where they place close to first.

Katniss' Alliance

75th Hunger Games

Career Alliance

  • Gloss - Killed by Katniss, placing 11th.
  • Cashmere - Killed by Johanna, placing 10th. 
  • Brutus - Killed by Peeta after killing Chaff, placing 7th.
  • Enobaria - Taken into custody by the Capitol

The Rebellion Alliance

This is the largest known alliance with a total of 14 members. Their goal was to protect Katniss and Peeta at any cost. Five of the tributes (Blight, the male from District 6, Cecelia, Woof, and Seeder) never had a chance to protect Katniss and Peeta, and four of them gave up their lives protecting them (Wiress, Chaff, the female Morphling, and Mags). The rest stayed loyal to their promise, willing to give their life at any moment.

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