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The Academy is an elite secondary school in the Capitol for the children of the wealthy and powerful.

Casca Highbottom, credited with creating the Hunger Games, was the Academy's Dean. Its teaching staff included Satyria Click, Agrippina Sickle, and Crispus Demigloss among many others. It provided its own uniforms, which students were expected to wear for daily use, though they were required to finance their own clothing for special events.

The Academy has a gathering area called Heavensbee Hall, where events such as the reaping ceremony are held. At graduation, the Academy presents monetary prizes to top-performing students. Those students who perform well at the Academy often go on to attend higher education at the University.

Students at the Academy who committed serious infractions might receive a demerit. Three such demerits would result in a student's expulsion.[1] The Academy had a tradition of offering expelled students a lifeline. For Coriolanus Snow, this came in the form of an offer to join the Peacekeepers for a twenty-year-term, as an alternative to public disgrace.[2] However, after being expelled, Snow received a diploma indicating he had graduated with high honors, which Sejanus Plinth made a condition of accepting his own offer to join the Peacekeepers after he was expelled as well. Having an Academy diploma allowed Snow to take the Peacekeeper officer test[3] and later to enroll at the University after Dr. Volumnia Gaul manipulated his honorable discharge from the Peacekeepers.[4]

Mentor program

During the time of the 10th Hunger Games, the Academy's top 24 best-performing students were selected to become mentors for the tributes from the 12 districts. This was used as a means to make citizens of the Capitol more interested in the Games.[5]

Known students


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