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The plan of the 75th Hunger Games arena.

The 75th Hunger Games arena was circular in shape and divided into 12 sections, each section representing an hour on a clock, then a small circular-shaped sea, and at the final bordering circle was a jungle.

This arena was very small, and its circular shape tips Wiress off to the set-up of the clock mechanism. A powerful forcefield surrounded the arena like a dome.


The 75th Hunger Games arena was set up as a clock, each wedge holding a different threat. The 12 to 1 wedge consisted of the tree that would periodically be struck by lightning during the 12th hour, which proved to be a very important factor later on. The other sections of the 'clock' were made up of different horrors that would be unleashed by the hour. The 'horrors' consisted of an acid fog, blood rain, an unknown beast, a tidal wave, carnivorous monkeysjabberjays, an unknown species of insects that emit loud clicking noises, and more which are not mentioned. The arena also has unidentified creatures, possibly mutts made by the Gamemakers roaming around.

The Zones

Hour 12-1: Lightning Storm (A lightning bolt strikes a tree during this hour)

Hour 1-2: Blood Rain

Hour 2-3: Poisonous Fog

Hour 3-4: Monkey Muttations

Hour 4-5: Jabberjay (who imitate screams of tributes' loved ones)

Hour 5-6: Unknown

Hour 6-7: What Peeta refers to as "The Beast" (assumed to be some sort of giant muttation)

Hour 7-8: Unknown

Hour 8-9: Unknown

Hour 9-10: Unknown

Hour 10-11: Tsunami

Hour 11-12: Noisy insects 


The Cornucopia lay in the middle of the arena, its tail pointing in the direction of the 12th hour, and it was surrounded by water and spokes that held the tributes as they were launched into the arena. The only thing that the Cornucopia contained were weapons, for a rather bloody bloodbath.

The Cornucopia used in Catching Fire.

After Plutarch Heavensbee ordered the Gamemakers to spin the Cornucopia during the battle between the Career tributes and the rebel alliance, the tail was not pointing torwards the 12th hour, as Plutarch says, "Let's see how they tell time now,". This happens not long after Katniss Everdeen figures out that the arena is a clock (due to Wiress repeatedly saying "Tick, tock! Tick, tock!"). While the Cornucopia is spinning, Katniss begins to slip into the water, but Johanna Mason grabs her hand. She digs her axe into the hard ground surrounding the Cornucopia, but this is not enough, as Johanna's grip on Katniss slips and Katniss plunges into the water. After she falls, Plutarch says to his fellow Gamemakers, "That's enough," and Katniss is able to reunite with her alliance. The alliance cannot tell where each wedge is after this occurs.

Food and water sources

As mentioned previously, food or water wasn't obtainable in the Cornucopia bloodbath. However, the trees growing in the arena were full of water and was the only water which could be consumed safely, as the water surrounding the cornucopia was saltwater. The water in the tree had to be extracted by a spile, or by stabbing the bark.

Katniss drinking water from a tree using the spile.

As for food sources, there were various creatures roaming around the arena; Katniss shoots a creature similar to a rat, giving its species the name "tree-rat". She realizes that its muzzle is wet, and that it has to have a source of freshwater. This is how she realizes that the "piece of metal half-buried in the earth" has a name. There were also nut-plants growing in the jungle which Mags lived off of and the tributes could find oysters and fish in the saltwater around the Cornucopia.


  • In the movie as the tidal wave is coming towards the Cornucopia, a valley with mountains is seen. Therefore, the wave probably comes from an ocean behind the mountains.
  • In the film when the wave hits at ten o'clock Johanna, Wiress and Beetee come out of the jungle from the 1-2 blood rain sector. Johanna explains to Finnick what happens. A while later when Katniss is cleaning up Wiress the lightning hits the tree, signifying that it is 12-1.This was probably done to make the film shorter because there is two hours between the wave and the lightning tree.