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The arena of the 74th Hunger Games.

The 74th Hunger Games arena contained forests, streams, meadows, a wheat field, caves, and a lake. The majority of the tributes made good use of it, such as Peeta and his camouflage, Thresh in the wheat field, Katniss and Rue with the trees, Foxface wherever she could hide, and the Career Tributes with the lake. This arena was fairly dull compared to other arenas used throughout the Hunger Games, but was truly enormous, and it would take a tribute several days to walk from one end of the arena to the other. Somewhere deep in the forest was a cave where Katniss and Peeta stayed when Peeta was severely injured.

The Cornucopia

The tributes were launched around the Cornucopia on pedestals, which was on a plain in the center of the arena. The mines under the tribute plates, which are deactivated after the minute of standing for the tributes, were activated later by the District 3 male. When Foxface was going to steal food from the careers supply, she was jumping in certain spots seen by Katniss. Katniss didn't know why until later, when she figured out it was mined and then blew up the food supply.


Some of the muttations residing in the arena were tracker jackers and wolf mutts supposed to represent each of the dead tributes - Katniss recognized their human eyes, which looked like the eyes of the tributes - she even found herself wondering whether they made them using the actual eyes of the dead tributes. They also had collars with the numbers of their districts on them. As well as the Capitol-created muttations, there were many mockingjay nests residing high in the trees.

Food and water sources

There were also many normal animals in the arena, which tributes could use as food sources if they knew how to make traps, or had a weapon they could hunt with. For example, there were rabbits and squirrels, fish, grooslings, and waterfowl. Thresh used the wheat field as a source of food. There were also quite a lot of bushes with berries around the arena. Some of them were edible, but there were also some bushes with nightlock berries, which killed Foxface. There were also a lot of streams in the arena. However, most of them were not clean, and Katniss needed to use iodine before drinking.

After the 74th Annual Hunger Games

After the end of the war, the arena was destroyed and memorials to the fallen tributes were constructed in its place.