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The 71st Hunger Games were held three years prior to the start of the series. They were won by the District 7 tribute Johanna Mason. During the games she pretended to be weak so that she would not be targeted. However when there were only a handful of contestants left, she killed them all viciously, most likely with an axe, being from District 7, this lead to her winning the games and returning home. President Snow later killed her family after the games because she would not agree on being prostituted, being a very desirable victor.


  • Johanna Mason presumably got a low training score due in these games due to her "weak performance" strategy, which was one of the most successful strategies.
  • Johanna and her male counterpart were dressed as trees during the chariot rides, as mentioned by Johanna herself in Catching Fire. She stated that her prep team was not creative, and wished she had Cinna instead.