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The 70th Hunger Games was the Hunger Games that took place four years prior to the start of the series. These Games were won by Annie Cresta, the female District 4 tribute. These Games are mentioned in Catching Fire, though little is known about them.

These Hunger Games also marked the year that Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark were eligible to have their names entered into the reaping as tributes.


At some point after the Cornucopia bloodbath, Annie witnessed the beheading of her male counterpart. Traumatised, she broke away from all other tributes and hid.

It all went wrong when the Gamemakers wanted to liven things up because only a handful of tributes had died after a few days of the games. In response to this problem, the Gamemakers started an earthquake to break a dam overlooking the arena. However, the dam's collapse produced a massive flood that flooded the entire arena, drowning most of the other tributes. Annie survived the longest because she was the best swimmer, being from District 4.


Annie Cresta was the best swimmer in her Games and was the only survivor of the flood - securing her as the victor of the 70th Hunger Games. She was never the same afterward, as the trauma made her mentally unstable. She has certain problems which include closing her eyes and covering her ears, laughing when it is unnecessary, and staring into the distance at strange times.


  • Katniss mentions a Hunger Games where the Career tributes’ food is washed away by a flood. It is possible she is referring to this Hunger Games.

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